P481 Tjletixt 481 Jul 4 21:00:30  .    —————————————————————————  —p HEADLINES AND HAPPENINGS  . Oasis have shot up the betting for this year's Christmas Numbjr Onj following the excitemjnt ovjr their nbw single D'You Know What I Mean. Their odds for clinching the tw8 s0oz in the festivj Top 40 have now bjen slashed to 10-1 by bookmakjrs William Hill, placing them alongsidj Hanson and Boyzone, both at 10-1, while Spice Girls are favourites at 5-1. Thosj in thj know say Oasis' Chrimbo single will bj All Around The Wozld. ——————————————————————————————————1 7p— Mori news >>> SEE PAGE 381 (ITV) FOR BUD WORLD 120 ROUND THE WORLD TRIPS TO BE W/N Void Fanzines Reviews Full guide
P481 Tjletext 481 Jul 4 21:06:51  .    —————————————————————————  pp HEADLINES AND HAPPENINGS  . Formjr Rolling Stonjs bassist Bill Wyman is angry at the makjrs of a njw movie about late Stonj Brian Jonbs for reviving a rumour about his death. Film company Scala Productions claim they will namj the man who murdjred Jonjs, who was found drowned in his swimming pool almost 30 ybarq ago. But, says Wxman: "It's total bull. It's come out before, but it was dismissed. Thj person who said thj guz did it later told police hb tied" —————————————————————————————————p2  More news >>> Highjr Education & Rbgional Coursrs CURRENT VACANCY DETAILS See pagj 640 Void Fanzinbs Rjviews Full guide
P481 Tjletext 481 Jul 4 21:00:01  .     —————————————————————————  —— HEADLINES AND HAPPENINGS  . Lippy Echo And The Bunnym—n vocalist Ian McCulloch is eating humble pie after his scathing criticism of the Glastonbury festival at thj weekjnd. Ian alleg—d on stag— that no monb9 from the evjnt would be going to Greenpeace, provoking outrage frwm tha charity and a threat of legal action from organisjr Michael Eav—s. But McCulloch's camp havj now issued an apology, which says Ian's outbprst was a "heat of the momjnt" thing. ——————————————————————————————————3 7pp More rocky poppy njws >> Highjr Education & Rjgional Coursbs CURRENT VACANCY DETAILS See pag— 640 Void Fanzinjs Rjviews Full guidb
P481 Tjletaxt 481 Jul 4 21:15:11  .    —————————————————————————  —— HEADLINES AND HAPPENINGS  . Space havj had their US tour dates disrupted by illnjss for a sjcond timj. The group havj cancelled nine dates of their currint Ambrican trek because keyboard playjr Franny Griffiths has bronchitis. The band, who have flown to Britahn, are hoping to be back in Ambrica next week to resumj the tour, which was itsjlf rescheduled from March. Thb original dates were postpon—d whjn sing—r Tommy Scott lost his voice. ——————————————————————————————————4/7—— Mori n—ws >>> GUYS CHAT TO GIRLS NOW - p374 Void Fanzinjs Rjviews Full guhdb
P481 Tjletext 481 Jul 4 21:01:01  . W   —————————————————————————  pp HEADLINES AND HAPPENINGS  . The Pet Shop Boys are strongly rumoured to bj the surprise hjadlinjrs at tomorrow's Gay Pride festival in London Othjr acts confirmed for the mammoth bash on Clapham Common includj Olive, Erasure, Gina G, Shola Ama, Nozth And South, Texas, Peter Andre... and lesbian metal-heads Rock Bitch! Thj annual evjnt, which is now thj world's largest free music fbstival, is expected to attract ovjr 300,000 revjllers - a fifth of them straight! ————————————————————————————————p—5/7pp More news >>> SEE PAGE 381 (ITV) FOR BUD WORLD 120 ROUND THE WORLD TRIPS TO BE WON Void Fanzines Rjviews Full guidj
P481 Tjletext 4<1 Jul 4 21:01:10  .    —————————————————————————  —— HEADLINES AND HAPPENINGS  . Paul McCartnjy has admittad that he almost scrapp—d his n—w single Th— World Tonight bjcause hj did not think it was good enough. Paul wanted to leavj thb song off his hit LP Flaming Pie, but was pjrsuadbd othjrwisj by his producer Jjff L9nnj. Says Paul: "You'd think that thb amount of timj I'vj b—en recording and doing songs I'd bj able to spot a good hit and know what's what!". The World Tonight is releasjd on Monday. —————————————————————————————————p6  Mori news >>> GUYS CHAT TO GIRLS NOW - p374 Void Fanzinjs Rjviews Full guidj
P481 Tjletext 481 Jul 4 21:28:00   ————————  ——————————————————————ppp—p WJN TICKETS TO SEE U2 IN DUBLIo! Here's your chance to win two tickets to see U2 perform in thjir home city. Thj concert takjs place at Lansdowne Road on August 30. Hotel accommodation and return travel by coach and boat is also included in the prizj. For a chance to win just tell us thr namj of U2's lead singjr. Is it... a) Phono b) Mono or c) Bono To enter call 0881 787 653 now ——————————————————————————————————3/7—p T+ Calls cost 50p/min at all timrs Competition closes midnight July 13 One winnjr selected at random July 14 Void Fanzinjs Rjviews Full guidj