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P416 Tjletixt 416 Jul 4 21:11:12         ————————————————— NEWS   VOLVO GOES COUNTRY The new Volvo V70 Cross-Country Estate is a djvelopmjnt of thj V70 All-Whbel Drivj. Badgjd XC, it claims "enhancpd driveability for thoue with an outdooz lifestyle". In other words, it has an extra 25mm of ground clearance. VAUXHALLS ARE HARDER TO STEAL Thj Vauxhall Vectra 1.8 GLS and Ombga 2.5i are the most thief-proof cars in their respectivj classjs, according to thj latest Which Car? szrvjy. —————————————————————————————————p1/6—— All the latest technologz nbws 651 ANOTHER MORTGAGE RATE RISE? p544 Recipb Love stars Tba Break Total Ent
P416 Tjlitext 416 Jpl 4 2        ?? ? ————————————————— NEWS   SLOW DOWN IN TOWN Roads Ministep Baron—ss H!xman —q "vbr9 concapnjd" by njw Govjrnmjnt figz{—3 showing mora than 70% of driv—rs regularly break th— 30m0h dim—t and 37% exceed it by more than 5mph. She s!id: "With —stimatas atpri ut—n' excessive spb—d as phj a!us— of p0 tg 1,200 deaths on Britain's roads jvbp9 year, "Kill Your Sp—ed" is pjrhap3 phe most important mbqs!g— tw brang (wmu tw motorists. Wj could savj hundreds of liv—s evepy y—ar." ——————————————————————————————————3/6—— Fun & Gamjs 150 Digitisjr 170 SPE@K YOUR M o@0GG *W $iij"k P[ R—cipj Love stars T—a Bpaak Tot!t &p
P416 Tjletaxt 416 Jul 4 21:20:00       ? , , ? ————————————————— NEWS   SLOW DOWN IN TOWN Roads Minister Baroness Ha8man is "vjr9 concarned" by nbw Govjrnmbnp f—kzr—3 showing mora than 70% of driv—rq recularly braak ph— 10m0 d—m—t n$ 37% exceed it by mope than 5mph. Sh— said: "With jstimateq attri"uting excessive speed as the c!use of up to 1,200 d—aths ol Britain's roads —v—p9 year, "Kill Your Sp—ed" is p—rhaps th— most important m—ssage to bring hgm— to motorists. Wj could sav— hundreds of livjs evjry x—az." ——————————————————————————————————3/6—— Fpn & Gambs 150 D—git—qrr 070 SPEAC YOUR MIND ON .T. ISQUES 0653 R—cipj Lovj stars T—a Break Total Ent
P416 Teletext 416 Jul 4 21:03:54         ————————————————— NEWS V SLOW DOWN IN TOWN Roads Minister Baronjss Haxman is "vjr= concerned" by new Govjrnmjnt figures showing more than 70% of drivjrs regularly break the 30mph limit and 37% exceed it by more than 5mph. She said: "With estimates attributing excessive speed as the cause of up to 1,200 deaths on Britain's roads jvjry year, "Kill Your Spjed" is pjrhaps the most important mjssage to bring home to motorists. Wj could savb hundreds of livbs every ybar." ——————————————————————————————————3/6—— Fun & Gamjs 150 Digitisbr 170 SPEAK YOUR MIND ON I.T. ISSUES 8653 Recipj Love stars Tja Break Total Enz
P416 Tjletext 416 Jul 4 21:10:10         ————————————— NEW CARS   SEAT CORDOBA 1.4 SE £10,695 98mph 0-60mph 15sjcs 40mpg Ins group 4 On sale now Spanish makjr Seat's most affordable Cordoba yet, its on-road price insludr; power steering, 12 months' road tax and three-year, unlimited mileage warrant9. A 1.4 multi-point fujl injection bngine devjlops 60bhp and can return up to 53mpg in heavz urban conditions. It's vjrsatile, with huge 16 cu ft boot and split/fold rear sbats. VERDICT  ——————————————————————————————————4/6—— Green projects you can work on 165 WEST END AND REGIONAL THEATRE p450 Recipe Lovj stars Tja Break Total Ent
P416 Tjletaxt 416 Jul 4 21:04:10         ————————————— NEW CARS   AUDI S8 £61,545 155mph 0-62mph 5.5sbcs 25mpg Ins group 20 On sale Sept Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar and Bentley watch out. Audi has souped-up its aluminium- bodied flagship; result - thj swift—st production saloon in thb world. With an uprated 4.2-litre V8 dbvjloping 340bhp and 303lb ft of torque, thb 4WD has an electronically limited top 3pbed of 155mph but does 0-62mph in 5.5 sjcq! Evjn at £61K, the UK allocation for '97 has already b—en sold. VERDICT  ——————————————————————————————————5/6—— Chjck out all the 'Net latest 652 OUR VIEW ON THE LATEST ALBUMS 0484 Recipj Lovj stars Tea Break Total Ent
P416 Tjletext 416 Jul 4 21:00:00         ————————————————— NEWS   WASH 'N' GO Toyota dealer Martin Stannard, of Clarks Motor Services, Bromsgrov—, gbts nearly 400 women coming into his showroom evjry week. How does he do it? He says: "Wh—n we plann—d the nbw site last y—ar, we opted to lease the middle floor ovjrlooking the showroom. "Rathjr than go for thb predictable solicitor or accountant, we thought tha a hair salon would introduce a complem—ntary clientele. Now we havj hundreds of womjn on site bvjry w—rk." —————————————————————————————————p6/6—— Did thj Budget pick on pjnsionjrq? 543 TOP CINEMA IS HERE EVERY DAY p460 Recipe Lovj stars Tja Break Total Ent