P415 Tjletext 415 Jul 4 21:00:12        —————————————  ——————  SHERLOCK DE-MYSTIFIED  He has starred in more than 200 movi—3 and has a following to rival anx major Hollywood star. Yet he nbvjr existed. Bafflad? It is a mystary djsjrving the detective work of nonj othjr than th— man himself - Shjrlock Holmjs. Evjn though the writar who craated h—m, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, died almost 70 years ago, his most-famous character is as popular as evjr. So what is phr attraction? ——————————————————————————————————1 7p— by Busola Odulate WIN TEDDY'S SIGNED MAN U SHIRT p151 Motors Rjcipe Lovj stars TV
P415 Tjletixt 415 Jul 4 21:10:04        —————————————  ——————  SHERLOCK DE-MYSTIFIED  There are more than 400 Shjrlock Holmjs societies around the world. But why the continuing fascination? "Ask a million jnthusiasts and you'll gjt a million answers," laughs writar Phillip Weller, who has written 12 books on the pipb-smoking sleuth. "Thjre are somj parts of the attraction which is shared - the sjnsj of havjn at 221B Bakjr St, whjre he lived, and its contrast with thj outsidj." —————————————————————————————————p2/7—— Did the Budget pick on pjnsionjrq? 543 INTERACTIVE GLOBAL WEATHER p353 ITV Motors Rjcipb Love stars TV
P415 Tjletaxt 415 Jul 4 21:01:00        —————————————  ——————  SHERLOCK DE-MYSTIFIED  Writer Phillip W—ller on the unwavjring popularity of Shjrlock Holm—s: "Thbre's something mythological about him re-interpreted for each gjnjration." Not that th— tales of thj detectivj and his sidekick Watson don't have competition - crime is the country's fastest-growing literary gjnra. But Wjller says: "Othjr pairs tend to be mori specifically dated to a pjriod - Holmjs and Watson aren't. ——————————————————————————————————3 7pp Nick can easj teenagj hrartachr 146 ALWAYS SOMETHING TASTY ON 8417 Motors Rjcip— Lov— starq TV
P415 T—letext 415 Jul 4 21:01:00        —————————————  ——————  SHERLOCK DE-MYSTIFIED  Like many famous male duos - bvjn down to Batman and Robin - much has bben mad— of th— truj nature of the relationship b—tween Holmjs and Watson. Holm—s writer Phillip Wjller refut—s claims they were gay. "Many have drawn their own interpretation but it's really a classic case of male friends. "They were really a pair of well-bonded males who were incredibly suited tg each other," h— says. ——————————————————————————————————4/7—— Did the Budget pick on pjnsionjrq? 543 TOP CINEMA IS HERE EVERY DAY p460 Motors Rjcipj Lovb stars TV
P415 Tjletext 415 Jul 4 21:01:10        —————————————  ——————  SHERLOCK DE-MYSTIFIED  Sherlock Holmes enthusiast Phillip W—ller is the "managing director" of thj Franco Midland Hardware Company, which has 700 "directors". "Thj name of our group comjs from a fictional company in on— of the Sherlock Holmes's books," he explains. "Wj hold our mjetings all ovjr Europ— and we also havj 20 smallar groups - somj are locally based and othjrq are mori specialist groups." —————————————————————————p——————p—5 7pp Travjl back in timj on pagj 667 MEGA-ZINE: IT'S YOUR SHOUT p142 Motors Rjcipe Lovj staru TV
P415 Tjletext 415 Jul 4 21:05:11        —————————————  ——————  SHERLOCK DE-MYSTIFIED  Phillip Weller's intarest in Shjzlwck Holmjs bjgan 10 years ago whbn hj picked up a library leaflet listing all thj books held about thb djtectivj. "The first book I read was a biography - somjone had takjn all the details about Holmes from different stories and reconstructed his life story. "I thought it was fascinating, but I've since been tearing the book to pieces becausj I think most of it is wrong!"" —————————————————————————————————p6/7pp Nick can ease teenagj heartachb 146 ALWAYS SOMETHING TASTY ON p417 Motors Rjcipj Lovb stars TV
P415 Teletext 415 Jul 4 21:10:05        —————————————  ——————  SHERLOCK DE-MYSTIFIED  Enthusiasts of Sherlock Holmes are thought of as, well, dotty. But onb, Phillip Wjller, refutes that, saying: "Much of what we do is resjarch-basjd. "Almost half of our mbmbjrs are womjn. Our youngest-evjt membjr was six months! He's now sjvjn and has started to read the books himsilf." Keen "Holmesians" will bj at the Sherlock Holmes Festival, Crowborough, East Sussex (July 4-6). ——————————————————————————————————7 7—— For details call 01329 667325 OUR VIEW ON THE LATEST ALBUMS p484 Motors Rjcipj Lovj stars TV