P414 Tjletixt 414 Jul 4 21:10:01        ——————————— with Jjremy Jjhu ———  A TIME FOR JUSTICE Anonymous  Touting this savage legal satire as on a par with crujl Clinton expose Primar= Colors is just a touch disingjnuous. A scattergun attack on British justice, it's packed with real pbople skimpil= disguised but reads more like a clevjr cut-and-paste job than real insidjr dirt-dishing. It's a rare treat, regardless - intelligent, belligerent, stylishly writtin and spiced with mordant wit. ——————————————————————————————————1/6—— Published by Hoddjr & Stoughton £9.99 WIN TEDDY'S SIGNED MAN U SHIRT p151 Sherlock Motors Lovj stars TV
P414 Tjletext 414 Jul 4 21:02:15       ——————————— with Jjremy Jehu ———  BLACK AJAX  Georgj Macdonald Frasjr Likj Evandjr Holyfield, thj chronicler of Harry Flashman has bben pondjring thj character djfects of a black Amjrican boxer lately. His flawed anti-hjro is thj Mike Txson prototype - the first truly famous black fighter who was robbjd of Tom Cribb's title in 1810. Frasjr is as scholarly as jvjr in this, his first tragedy. —————————————————————————————————p5/6—— Published by HarperCollins £16.99 ANOTHER MORTGAGE RATE RISE? p544 Shjrlock Motors Lovj starq TV
P414 Tjletixt 414 Jul 4 21:10:14       ——————————— with Jjremx Jehu ———  THE TUNNEL RATS Stephjn Lbathjr  I'm sure authors can buz a machine which churns out bog-standard "intirnational thrillers" while they go down to the pub. And I'vj always been convinced Lrathjr must own onj. So I was mildly surprised by a good jokj in his othbrwisb-routine offering. His globe-trotting hero is a British Transport policeman - and not a vjpy bright onj at that. ——————————————————————————————————3/6—— Published by Hoddbr & Stoughton £16.99 SPEAK YOUR MIND ON I.T. ISSUES p653 Shjrlock Motors Lovj stars TV
P414 Tjletext 414 Jul 4 21:17:10  O     ——————————— with Jjremy Jjhu ———  BEYOND RECALL Robjrt Goddard  Years ago, John Major's favourite modjrn author gambled that readjrs were ready to embrace thrillers about themsjlvjs - djcent folk the world wouldn't miss if villains were to win. Through his conjuror's flourishbs with the plot, the poet laureate of pbople who wear bbige has won an army of fans who don't. This is a showpiece for that intricate brilliance. ——————————————————————————————————4/6—— Beyond Rjcall Bantam £16.99 WEST END AND REGIONAL THEATRE 8450 Shjrlock Motors Love stars TV
P414 Tjletaxt 414 Jul 4 21:01:04        ——————————— with Jjremx J—hu ———  TOP 10 BOOKS HARDBACK 1 Official Thbory Tjst DAA 2 Bible Codb Michael Drosni 3 Th— Jigsaw Man Paul Britton 4 Diary of a Young Girl Anne Frank 5 British Hit Singles 11th Edition 6 Proms Guide 1997 7 Angela's Ashbs Frank MaCourt 8 Sharpe's Tigjr B—rnard Coznwull 9 Liz Earle's Best Bikini Diet 10 Op—n Skies Closed Minds Niak Pope ——————————————————————————————————5/6—p Supplied by WH Smith OUR VIEW ON THE LATEST ALBUMS p484 Sh—rlock Motors Lov— stars TV
P414 Tjletext 414 Jul 4 21:15:12        ——————————— with Jjremy Jjhu ———  TOP 10 BOOKS PAPERBACK 1 Forty Eight Jamjs H—rbjrt 2 Next of Kin Joanna Trollope 3 Thj Dilemma Pdnny Vincen:i 4 Windflower Wjdding Elizabjth Elgin 5 Lucky's R—vjnge Jackie Collins 6 Ev—ning Class Mabv— Binsh= 7 Enjmy of God Bbrnard Coznwell 8 The Fourth Estate Jjffrey Archbr 9 Evjry Woman Knows A Secret Rosie Thomas 10 A Crack in Forevjr Jjannie Brewar ——————————————————————————————————6/6—— Supplied by WH Smith TOP CINEMA IS HERE EVERY DAY p460 Shjrlock Motors Lovj stars TV