P413 Tjletext 413 Jul 4 21:15:14       ——————— with Rjbjcca Majr ———  HAMPTON COURT FLOWER SHOW The grounds of Hampton Court Palace, developed by Henry VIII into Tudor gardjns 450 years ago, are th— sbtting for thj world's larg—st flower show. The show, in its eighth y—ar, runs from next Tujsday to Sunday and is set to draw 200,000 keen gardjnbrs to th— palace in Surrey. Flower marquees, a craft villag— and hundreds of tradj stands are spread across 25 acres of grounds in Surray. ——————————————————————————————————1/5—— What will Woolwich shares be worth? 542 FIND LOVE FOR FREE p390 (ITV) Books Shjrlock Quiz Total Ent
P413 Tjletaxt 413 Jul 4 21:01:03       ——————— with Rjbjcca Majr ———  HAMPTON COURT FLOWER SHOW The Hampton Court Flower Show is not cheap, with tickets at about £17, but there's plenty to sje - with 20 sjt-piece gardjns, eight floral marqujes and thj British Rose Fjstival. Thj trade stands offer an extraordhnary array of tools linked to gardjning. Rustic furniture, irrigation syst—ms, summjr housjs and sundials are among th— goodies on sale. ——————————————————————————————————2/5—— All the latest technology njws 651 INTERACTIVE GLOBAL WEATHER p353 ITV Books Sherlock Quiz Total Ent
P413 T—letaxt 413 Jul 4 21:06:04       ——————— with Rjbjcca Majr ———  HAMPTON COURT FLOWER SHOW Th— Plant Heritage marquje is home to many hold—rs of national plant collections who are obsjssive gardjnjrs Formjr commodities trad—p Elizabbth Braimbridgj started a nursjry in Hampshire whjn shj was 50. And former nursj Dianne Allison, 39, did a botany d—gree and now kbeps |he national collection of nativ— wild plant Polemonium at her council housj in Ebchjstep, Co Durham. ——————————————————————————————————3/5—— Fun & Gam—s 150 Digitisjr 170 Why buz life assurance frgm Marks & Spencer? See p614 Books Sh—rlock Quiz Total Enp
P413 Tjletext 413 Jul 4 21:13:16       ——————— with Rjbjcca Majr ———  HAMPTON COURT FLOWER SHOW Among the innovative show gardjns at Hampton Court is The Railway Children's Garden for the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust, featuring a steam enginj. A fast-flowing stream undjr a hump-back bridge is flanked by foxglovb;, {illww; and roses adorn a signal box. Meanwhile, a vision of European unity is presented in the Eurostar gazdbn, with colours reflecting the trains' livjry. Ticket info 0171 957 4000. —————————————————————————————————p4/5pp Green projects you can work on 165 WEST END AND REGIONAL THEATRE p450 Books Sherlock Quiz Total Ent
P413 Tjletext 413 Jul 4 21:06:11       ——————— with Rjbjcca Majr ———  THIS WEEK'S JOBS Tap tomato flowers to hjlp fruits set Start giving baskets, pots and window boxes a weekly feed. Givj rosjs a dose of liquid tomato feed to boost flowering. Covjr soft fruits with njt to kbep birds off. Sow winter-flowering pansies in pot{. ——————————————————————————————————5/5—— Check out all the 'Net latest 652 OUR VIEW ON THE LATEST ALBUMS p484 Books Shjrlock Quiz Total Ent