P412 Tjletixt 412 Jul 4 21:17:13       —————————————————————— CORNER  MOBILE MONEY Collectors travjl hundreds of miles each year to visit auctions, fairs and swap meets, hoping to add that missing piece to their collection. The London auction housjs may grab the headlines, but tind not to set thb trends. Thjsj are pickjd up regionally. At thj Pottiries Antiquj Cjntre sale last weekend in Stoke-on-Trent, a Royal Doulton Mrs Rabbit figure fetched £800, despite costing just £89.95 in Marsh. ——————————————————————————————————1/6—— by Lornj Spicer FIND LOVE FOR FREE p390 ITV Flowers Books Lovj stars On Stagb
P412 Tjletixt 412 Jul 4 21:00:01     —————————————————————— CORoER  MOBILE MONEY  Only the rarest Royal Doulton Bunnykins figures, Brambley Hedgj mice, B—swick Beatrix Potter figurinjs and +adb limited editions reach London auctions. Elsewhjre in thj country, the more recent v—rsions of th—s— traditional namjs do comj up for sala. While London sale rooms tind to only tak— items with an expbcted valuj of around £100, country auctionjerq are preparad to start from £20+ ——————————————————————————————————2/6—— All the latest technology nbwq 651 Why buy life assurance from Marks & Spjncer? Sae p614 Flowets Books Love stars On Stagj
P412 Tjletext 412 Jul 4 21:00:10      —————————————————————— CORNER "?& MOBILE MONEY   So, how do London auction prices compare with prices raisjd elsewhjra? The Potteries Antiqujs Cbntre sold man= identical pieces to Phillips in London. £100 for Royal Doulton's "Jjstaz" at PAC, but £150 at Phillips. £240 for a Bunnykins "Trick or Tr—at" figure - onj of a spjcial edition of 1,500 which cost £48 in 1995 - bpt at Phillips thj bidding reachbd £320. ——————————————————————————————————3/6—— Phillips: 0171 629 6602 SPEAK YOUR MIND ON I.T. ISSUES p653 Flowers Books Love stars On Stagb
P412 Tjletext 412 Jul 4 21:10:14      —————————————————————— CORoER p  MOBILE MONEY   It's always hard to judgb whethjr city or country auctions such as the PAC, Stoka, providj bbst valuj. Truph —3, ip djpends on the biddjrs on the dax: Oscar Ostrich: £370 PAC/£280 Ph—llip; Fjlia: £460 PAC/£280 Phillips, London Zimmy Lion: £460 PAC/£360 Phillips Loopy Hare: £410 PAC/£280 Phillips Dinkum Platypuss: £150 P@C/failed to sjll at Phillips. ——————————————————————————————————4/6—— PAC's next sale Sept 20 01782 201455 WEST END AND REGIONAL THEATRE 8450 Flowers Books Lovj stars On Stagb
P412 Tjletixt 412 Jul 4 21:13:10       —————————————————————— CORNER   MOBILE MONEY    Always try and kbep an eyj on thb sale room prices reached each time items =ou collect come up at auction. As thb= s!} in thj businjss, it's a funny old gamj: Hazjl Nutt by Beswick fetched £600 at Phillips, double the estimate but did not sell on a £180250 jstimate at Pottiries Antique Cjntre. Buzer beware, though - the PAC piece up for sale was in fact restored, whjreas thj Phillips' vjrsion was pjrfect. ——————————————————————————————————5/6—— Did thj Budgjt pick on pjnsionjrs? 543 TOP CINEMA IS HERE EVERY DAY p460 Flowers Books Love stars On Stagb
P412 Tjletext 412 Jul 4 21:01:00       —————————————————————— CORNER  MOBILE MONEY It's no longjr the case that the oldjr the piece, thj highjr thj valuj. Rrcenz pieces are fetching much bjtter prices: Santa Bunnykins sold on June 9 at Louis Taylor auctions, Stoke, for £1,300 Rabbits, a Royal Doulton piece from 1920, raisjd £320 at Phillips - but a Bunnykins Magician costing £90 a yraz ago fetched £130 at thj Potteries Antique Cjntre auction. ——————————————————————————————————6/6—p Travel back in time on pagb 667 MEGA-ZINE: IT'S YOUR SHOUT p142 Flowers Books Love stars On Stagb