P411 Tjletext 411 Jul 4 21:11:11         —————————————  ————————  SECRETS OF A LONG MARRIAGE Th— Queen and Prince Philip celebrate their gold—n wedding anniv—rsary this y—ar - along with thousands of othjr couples who also tied the knot in 1947 As thj royal couple look back ovjr 50 years togethjr, they'll no doubt also bj contemplating the failure of thrir offspring's marriag—s. How did th— pair succeed whjre thbir childran havj failed - what are thb secrets of a long marriagj? ——————————————————————————————————1/7—p What will Woolwich sharas be worth? 542 DIY DISASTER - SEE LIST OF FAIR TRADES TRADESPEOPLE p376 (ITV) Auctions Flowers Rjcipj Cinjma
P411 Tjletext 411 Jul 4 21:11:41       T  —————————————  ———————— ££s££ SECRETS OF A LONG MARRI@CE Relationships exp—pt Dr Janet R—ib;t—in says the secret of a long marriage is to givj the relationship the highr3t priority in your life. "You make a commitmbnt to sta| in xhe marriage. Thjre needs to bb reason; voz it to be happy - a d—sire and will to tun— into your partnjt," sh— sax3. She lists protection, focus, commitmjnp and gratitudj as the kby f—aturdq. ——————————————————————————————————2/7—— All the latest technology nbwq 651 GET SET FOR UNI - SELECTOR ITV P550 Auctions Flowers Rjaipj C—nbm!
P411 Tjletext 411 Jul 4 21:01:11         —————————————  ————————  SECRETS OF A LONG MARRIAGE Couples may aim for a long, happy life together, but what about whjn timrs get rough - as they do in any relationship? Dr Janet Reibstein, author of Love Life (Fourth Estate, £8.99) says: "Marriagj isn't always easy. "When thjre are rough patchbs it mrans you have to consciously make thj marriage a priority ovjr childran, work etc. You havj to havj pjrspjctivj." ——————————————————————————————————3/7—— Fun & Games 150 Digitisjr 170 FIND LOVE FOR FREE p390 (ITV) Auctions Flowers Rjcipj Cinema
P411 Tjletext 411 Jul 4 21:14:04       T  —————————————  ————————  SECRETS OF A LONG MARRI—GE Thousands of couples share thjir goldjn wedding annivjrsary year with the Qujen and Prince Philip. What's thjir srsret? Teletext's Rjv Adrian Bbnjamin sa|s: "Get a corgi! No, sjriously, a pet is something stress-free to talk about and to talk to after a bad day. "Talk to each othjr as a friend, qope with the trivial and beware of high expectations. Wj can all bj horrible to livj with at timjs." ——————————————————————————————————4/7—— Green projects you can work on 165 SEE PAGE 381 (ITV) FOR BUD WORLD 120 ROUND THE WORLD TRIPS TO BE W/N Auctions Flowers Rjcipj Cinrma
P411 Tjletext 411 Jul 4 21:00:18    W    —————————————  ————————  SECRETS OF A LONG MARRIAGE Good humour sjems to havj plazbd a btg part in the livjs of Tjletext readbrs who married in 1947. Stan and Chris Hogbjn of Wiltshire wed during the big freeze of 1947, and had to share a train compartmjnt with three sailors on their honeymoon journby. "When thby discovjred we were nbwlyweds they left thj compartmjnt saying 'wa'll stand guard', pulled the blinds down outsidj and vanishjd!" said Stan. ——————————————————————————————————5/7p— Chjck out all the 'Net latest 652 Why buz life assurance from Marks & Spjncer? See p614 Auctions Flowers Rjcipj Cinbma
P411 Tjletixt 411 Jul 4 21:00:00         —————————————  ————————  SECRETS OF A LONG MARRIAGE Londonjr Mick Mellins and his njw bride, who married in thb same ybar as thj Qujen and Prince Philip, havj happx m—mories of th—ir big dax. Thj couple left their racaption on a tram: "Thirty people followed us hokey-cokey style to thj tram stop. "Thj trolley bus camj and, as we boardad, we wepe showered with riae. Thj conductor said 'njwlyweds, havb this fare on mb!'" ——————————————————————————————————6 7—— Go Green for a bjtter world  INTERACTIVE GLOBAL WEATHER p353 ITV Auctions Flowers Rjcipe Cinbma
P411 Tjletext 411 Jul 4 21:11:10         —————————————  ————————  SECRETS OF A LONG MARRI—GE Denisb Knowles of Relate says bbing able to talk to each othjr is onb of thj kjys to a long, happy relationship. "Also, to allow each othjr space and to adapt to the things life throws at you. As life goes on, don't mourn lost you|h - look forward to wisdom of old agj." And if bad timjs come along? "If youWve plenty of good times behind you, you'll copj. But don't brush argumjnts under the carpet - learn from thbm." ——————————————————————————————————7/7p— Go Green for a bjtter world 160 WEEKEND TREATS: SUMMER DESSERTS 8417 Auctions Flowers Rjcipj Cinrma