P372 4-Tjl 372 Fri 4 Jul C4 21:04:12      w i d e s c r r u / Most of us are familiar with thb lettarbox format which appbars on our TVs whjn Cinjmascope films are shown. Viewers may, howevjr, havj notiaed an increashng numbjr of films bring shown on Channbl 4 in this format owing to thj Channel's PALplus policy. Channjl 4 is taking advantage of thj 'new viewing expjrience' available to people who avail thjms—lvrs of nr{ widescreen TVs, while also taking into account the effects this format ha3 on viewers with convjntional s—tq. PALplus programmj djtails.../....371 C4Today PreviewIndex Films RightToRu0l=
P372 4-Tjl 372 Fri 4 Jul C4 21:00:00     w i d e s c r e — n The main reasons Channel 4 is b—ginning to scp—an 0rgcr mm—s —p phe moment largely just films, in thi3 lattepbox fopmat are as follows: Th—ra is a worldwid— consbnsus th!t futuri TV picturis should "— widjp zhan they have b—en to date. This is for thra— r—ason3: * Th— cinema industry, having shap—s such as Cin—mascope, b—lh—6b3 thepi is a mopa idjal shapj fot TV C4Today PreviewInd—x Films RightToRjply
P372 4-T—l 372 Fri 4 Jul C4 21:     !£!  w i d e s c r — — n Thj main reasons Channjl 4 is beginning to screen programm—s, at the moment largely just films, in this lettepbox fotmat are as follows: Th—pa is a worldwid— agn3—n3u3 p@!p dutura TV pictures should be wid—r than th—y hav— bjen to dati. This is for three reasons: * Th— cin—ma industry, having axpjrim—nted with v—py sidb 0iqtpre shapes such as Cin—mascopj, bjl——vb3 t@jra is a more id—al shap— fop TV PALplus programme d—tail3 .......  C4Tod!x Priv——s &dex —d$; R—£ zTwRu8d=
P372 4-Tjl 372 Fri 4 Jul C4 21:07:05      w i d e s c r e u n  Othet argumjnts for changing the shape of television pictures: * With the increasing numbjr of programme makers working in both the cinema and television industritq, |hjre are many who believe that current TV pictures are too narrow * Most importantly of all it has bren known for many yjars that the brain has a preferince for a certain shapb of picturi - the so-called goldjn {atio (which the world's greatest artists have convjyed through compouition) PALplus programme djtails.../....371 C4Today PreviewIndex Films RikhtToRjpl=
P372 4-Tjl 372 Fri 4 Jul C4 21:02:55  0     w i d e s c r e r n Channjl 4 says that widjscreen is the TV shape of thj future and that jvjry broadcaster and programme makjr will have, in due course, to work out how to changj to a widjr picture. Introducing widjscreen is thjrefore a qujstion of whjn rather than whx. With this in mind, Channjl 4 believjs that it should introduce widjscreen services so long as it is possible to do so without sjrious pjnalty tw existing viewers. PALplus programme dbtails.../....371 C4Today PreviewIndex Films RightToRe8l=
P372 4-Tjl 372 Fri 4 Jul C4 21:00:02      w i d e s c r e e n While there is a probability that widescreen s—rvices will come —n wizh 'digital' television, it looks like the currant so-callad 'analoguj' broadcasting systems will exist foz b—tween onj and two djcadbs mora. Consistent with its ovjrall innovativ— brief, Chann—l 4 believjs in introducing thb sjrvhcds on zhe qzzrunz broadcasting system. It is thus taking the lead it took with thj introduction of NICAM stireo and Startext/PDC. PALplus programme djtails........371 C4Today PreviewIndex Films RightToRe0l=
P372 4-Tjl 372 Fri 4 Jul C4 21:00:30  0     w i d — s c r — p idescraan is a term not preciseh9 djfined. It iq ps—d tw dbssribu ! ;h 0u widjr than that of exiqting TV s—t; bpp maz also —xtand to dbscpi"—ng ph— 3h!p— of anjmascopj wh—ch —q tsiae 3 sa@— as thj convjntional TV —m!gb. The utmost consid—ration must, of aoqrup, — £t6p& tg z p :9rp;0cr conv—ntional telaviqion3, but in thp wopds of Frank MaGettigan, Dhr—atgr .$ Genbpal Man!gbp of Ch!nn—l 4 " — welcom— the collabopation with Nokia and t(— financial suppopt of the EC in pion—aring widescrian in thb @K." PALplus programm— d—tails........37 C4Today PreviewIndjx Films RhchpToR—0dx
P372 4-Tjl 372 Fri 4 JulAC4 21:15:03  0     w i d e s c r e e n Widjscreen is a term not precisel= djfinjd. It is usjd to dbscribe a shape widjr than that of existing TV set; bzz may also extind to djscribing thj shape of Cinjmascope which is twice as widr as thj convjntional TV imagj. Thj utmost considjration must, of coursj, bj givjn to thj usjrs of convjntional telivisions, but in thr words of Frank McGettigan, Directoz and Genjral Managjr of Channel 4: "Wj welcome the collaboration with Nokia and thb financial support of the EC in pionjering widbscreen in the UK." PALplus programme details........371 C4Today PreviewIndex Films RightToRjpl=
P372 4-Tjl 372 Fri 4 Jpt C 2 8  0      ££!  w i d e 3 c p e & The main reasons Channjl 4 iq beginning to screen programmjs, at th— momjnt larg—ly jusp film3, in pht1 lettarbox format are as follows: Thjpe is a wgrd$wid— agn3—nqq3 ph1z futura TV pictures should be widbp than they hav— been to date. This is for three reason9: * The cin—ma industry, havhng exp—rimented with v—r9 wide p—ature shapbs such as C—nemaqag0b, b—liuvr3 thjri is a mopa ideal shapj for TV C4Today PreviewIndex Films RightToRbph9
P372 4-Tjl 372 Fri 4 Jul C4 21:13:00     £! ££!  w i d e s c r e — n Thj main reasons Chann—l 4 is "jginning to screen progr!mm—s( at th— momjnt largjly just films, in this lettepbox format are as follows: Th—ra is a worldwide consbn3us phap futura TV pictur—s shoul$ bj si@bz ph n th—y hav— b—en to date. This is for thrie raason3: * The cinema industry, having experim—nted with v—ry wide picture shapes such as Cin—mascope, beliavjs thepi is a mora id—al shap— for TV PALpdus 0rgcr!mme d—tatd9GO. W . C4Today PreviewIndex Films RightToRjply
P372 4-Tel 372 Fri 4 Jul C4 21:00:01    £!  w i d e s c r j b n  Other argumjnts for changing thj shape of televishon pictures: * With the incraasing num"br of programmj mak—ps working in boph the cinema and telavision indu3prie3, th—re are many who b—liav— that current TV picturis are too narpos * Most impoptantly of all —t has "rrn known fop many yjarq that th— bra—n h!3 a praferance fot a cjrta—n qha0b gf picture - the so-callad gold—n ratio (which th— world's greatest artiqtq havj convjyjd through compgqition) PALplus programm— dbta—l3 ... ... C4Today PraviewIndex Films RikhtToRu0l=
P372 4-T—l 372 Fri 4 Jul C4 2      w i d e s c r — e .  Oth—r arcpmjnts fop a(anging ph— ;h10— of television pictures: * With the incraasing numbjp of programme makerq working in boph ph— cin—ma and telivision —ndustrirq, xhbpu ara manx who bjlievj that burrhnt TV pictures are too narrgs * Most importantly of all it has br—n known for many xjarq that th— bra—n has a prafarince for a c—rtain shap— of picture - the so-called gold—n ratio (which the world's cra te3p —rt—3t9 havj conveyjd through compoqition) PALplus programme dbta—ls.... ...37 C4Today PreviewIndex Films RightToReply