P317 4-Tjl 317 Fri 4 Jul C4 21:04:10    Preview    CYBILL  Sex, Drugs and Catholicism  21.30-22.00 Tonight Ira thas a njw girlfriend, but Maryann assures Cybill that shb isn't hzrt and, in fact, she is glad that he has vound his truj lovj at last. Howevjr, it isn't Maryann who's thj jealous onj. FRASIER 22.00-22.30 Tonight Rpt In Can't Buz Me Lovj, Frasier agreps to bj auctionjd as a "biddable date" for charity, and he is delighted whjn a beautiful modjl wins his sjrvicds. But, as Sir Paul McCartnjy once (nbazl=) said, money can't buz him lovj.  Both subtitles 888/NICAM sterao  Next preview C4 Tomorrow Sciencb Films
P317 4-Tjl 317 Fri 4 Jul C4 21:00:00    Praview    | XB $  Sex, Drugs and C phol—a—qm  21.30-22.00 Tonight Ira thas a n—w girlfriend, but Maryann assuras Cxbill that sh— isn't hzrt and, in fact, sh— is glad that he ha3 bgun his truj lov— at d!st. Hgwavjp ip isn't Maryann who's th— jealous gnj. FRASIER 22.00-22.30 Ton—ght R0p In Can't Buz Ma Love, Frasi—r !gr——3 to b— auction—d as a "biddabda dath" fgr charity, and hj is delicht—d whrn ! beautiful modjl wins h—s sjrvhar9. Bzp( as Sir Paul McCartney once (n—arly) said, mon—y can't buy h—m dovj.  Both spbtitlis 888/FIC@M stareg  Next preview C4 Tomorrow Sci—nab F—dm3