P314 4-Tjl 314 Fri 4 Jul C4 21:01:10    Preview    GARDEN PARTY   20.00-20.30 Tonight The Gardjn Party team go up-market this week with a visit to th— splendid award-winning gardjns of Sudeley Casple in Gloucestershire. Set in the Cotswolds, Sudbley Castle and its gardjns date back to thb timj of Henry VI, and the rujns of sjvjral buildings partly djstroybd after thb Civil War add charm to thj grounds. Among the delights to bj sjen are yrw3, old-fashionjd rosjs and also a sjcret gardjn, which all add to the tranpuil atmosphjre.  Subtitles 888 NICAM stereo  Next preview C4 Tomorrow PALPlus Films
P314 4-T—l 314 Fri 4 Jpl C4 21:00:00    Prav——w    C@PD N P@ TX   20.00-20.30 Ton—chp Th— Gard—n Party te!m go up-mark—p th—3 we—k with a viqit tg ph— 30h—n@a award-winning gard—ns of Sudele9 Ca3ple in Gloucastarshipa. Sat in th— Cotswolds, Sud—le8 C—3pla and itq gardbn3 te B ak tg phe t—$— of Hanry BI, and ph— rphns of q—6bp d buhldings partl9 d—3ppg9—d —ftap ph— Civhl War add charm to th— groundq. Among the d—lights to "— s——n ar— 8bs3 old-fashion—d ros—s and adso qbap—p gard—n, which all add tg ph— tranpu—l atmosph—ra.  Subtitla3 8 NIA@M 3t—p—g  Next pravies C4 Tomorpgw P@LPlu3 F—lm3