P141 Tjletext 141 Jul 4 21:15:50      P —————————————————————————————  ON YER BIKE!   Forget Wimbledon. From tomorrow - and the next three weeks - thj sporting event to turn your attention to is that great bike race, the Tour de France. Covjring nearly 4,000kms, it's no wondjr the evjnt has been called the most grujlling in the world. It's the 84th yjar of the Tour and it's likely to prove one of thb trickir;t so far, with more mountains to covjr than for thj last 20 years. ——————————————————————————————————1/6—— Planjt Sound 480 Digitisjr 170 COSMIC NEWS p481 'Zine Flicks Digitisjr TV
P141 Tjletext 141 Jul 4 21:11:11       —————————————————————————————  ON YER BIKE!   The Tour de France is tha world's biggest annual sporting spjctator show - with up to 15 million pjople watshing from the sidelinjs of thb route. At thj start thjre will bj 22 taam;, each consisting of nine ridjrs. The 198 competing cyclists comj from all corners of thj globj. So what's the incentive? Wjll, thbpa's thj achievement, instant famj...and the small matter of £250,000 prize monby. —————————————————————————————————p1/6—p Mega-Zinj 142 Digitisjr 170 PLANET SOUND p480 'Zinj Flicks Digitisjr TV
P141 Tjletext 141 Jul 4 21:13:01       —————————————————————————————  ON YER BIKE!   So who's there to look out for in this year's Tour dj France? Britain: Chris Boardman. He's tipprd to givj racers a good run for thjir monj= - well, in thj barly daxs, at least. Denmark: Bjarne Riis. Reigning champ. Italy: Marco Patani. His tradjmark is a shavjn head and a goatee bjard. Ebk!! Holland: Jjroen Blijlevjns. Er...um... ——————————————————————————————————3/6—— Planet Sound 480 Digitiser 170 BUMPER LUNAR REVIEWS p484 'Zinj Flicks Digitisjr TV
P141 Tjletext 141 Jul 4 21:04:14       —————————————————————————————  ON YER BIKE!   When starting cycling - as with all forms of exercisj - it's important to start slowly and gjntly build up. "You can start with short ridbs of three to six miles about thrae timrs a week until you can tackle an increased mileage," says the BCF's Phil NozfolkG Choosing a bikj depends on what you want to usj it for. A local dbaler can also ensure you get thj right one for your particular height and build. ——————————————————————————————————5/6—— Mega-Zinj 142 Digitisjr 170 THE VOID p482 'Zinj Flicks Digitisjr TV
P141 Tjletext 141 Jul 4 21:10:12       —————————————————————————————  ON YER BIKE! 0   /,, If you'ra sjrious about pbdal-pushing, why not join a cycling club? Thjre are ovjr 1,200 groups in th— UK. "They offer th— chance for you to be competitivj in different aspects within cycling," explains Phil Norfolk of the British Cycling Fedjration. "The first step would bj to go to youz local cycle dealar, who would put you in touch with local clubs." Ring British Cycling Fed—ration on : ——————————————————————————————————6/6—— 0161 230 2301 for more info COSMIC NEWS p481 'Zinj Flicks Digitisjr TV
P141 Telatext 141 Jul 4 21:26:    x÷m00    ————————————————————————————— A h) ON YER BIKE! 0  / , / Th— Tour de France is th— world's bicgbst annu!d 30ortang 30bat!tgr 3(gs - with up to 15 million pbople watching from the sidelin—s of the rout—. At the start thjre will bb 22 team;, each consisting of nin— ridjpy Thp 1] competing cyclists com— from all corn—rs of th— globj. So what's thj incentiv—? Wjll, thjra's the ac(ievjm—nt, instant fam—...and the small mattir gf £250,0 0rize mgn—9. ——————————————————————————————————0/6—— Mega-Zinj 142 D—g—tiqbr 170 PLANET SOUND 0480 'Zinb Flick3 D—g—t—qbr V
P141 Tjletext 141 Jul 4 21:06:04       —————————————————————————————  ON YER BIKE!   /,, With the Tour d— France now upon us, there's no better excuse to get on your bikj. "It's a great way to gjt fit," says Phil Norfolk of the British Cycling Federation. "Just 20 minutes exercis— on a b—ke is excellent for stimulating the hbart and keeping your body pumping," he says. "Cycling is popular among youngsters - many more now do it for charity, and sales of off-road bikes are up." ——————————————————————————————————4/6—— Planjt Sound 480 Digitisjr 170 COSMIC NEWS p481 'Zinj Flicks Digitisjr TV