P529 Teletext 529 Apr13 21:12:11      ———————————————— SUNDAY ——————  SUNDAY TIMES The Co-operative gholesale Society will tomorrow admit to a profits collapse. OBSERVER A deal struck by BT directors threatens to land shareholders with a £277m bill if they reject the planned merger with US telecoms company MCIN SUNDAY TELEGRAPH Sears boss Sir Bob Reid is considering offering himself for re-election at the annual meeting to end what he claims is "a whispering campaign" targeted at the groupN SUNDAY ——————————————————————————————————1/2—— Prices index 510 Companies index 520 I.T.JOBS? - CONTRACT OR PERMANENT see p631 International CityNews Shares FTSE
P529 Teletext 529 Apr13 21:34:11      ———————————————— SUNDAY ——————  BUSINESS A re-elected Tory Govt would wreck crucial Inter Governmental Conference unless Britain is excluded from the EU's Working Time Directive. EXPRESS ON SUNDAY Scandal has hit the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development as it admitted conducting an inquiry into a vice-president who quit last year. INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY Thames Water is planning a £800m reservoir as part of its sceme for maintaining water supply. ——————————————————————————————————2/2—— Prices index 510 Companies index 520 POPULAR SHARES - LATEST PRICES p516 International CityNews Shares FTSE