P484 Teletext 486 Apr13 21:00:00  NEW .   ALBUM  . ————————————————————————  ——— THESE ANIMAL MEN  Accident And Emergency One-time amphetamine-fuelled punk popsters TAM have decided to stop being rubbish and, like, learn to play their instuments and stuff. How quaint. The result takes trad glam rock formats (check out Riverboat Captain's drums!) and twists them into new, organ-driven shapes that recall a bluesier, less epic Mansun in terms of style. Now if only there were a few pdople in the band you could actually fancy, they could be going places.  ——————————————————————————————————10O10 By Stephen Eastwood ARE YOU READY TO ROCK? p482 Charts Tours Tours Full guide
P484 Teletext 484 Apr13 21:02:02  NEW .   ALBUM  . ————————————————————————  ——— BIS New Transistor Heroes  Ostensibly invented for the Japanese market, the Teen-C trio sing aboqt sweets, have childish sleeve art, and shout quasi-political manifesto lyrics. Sure to annoy most people, the eclectic debut (Skinny Tie flirts with the early '80s, elsewhere they dabble in ska) is, however, a serious proposition. Call it a love of underdogs, a fondness for enthusiasm (whatever the flavour), or a blatant attempt to irritate Ocean Colour clones and Aerosmith fans. But I'm giving this POP confection \ ——————————————————————————————————1/10— By Stephen Eastwood G.U.N. INTERVIEg p483 Charts Tours Tours Full guide
P484 Teletext 484 Apr13 21:00:02  NEW .   ALBUM  N ————————————————————————  ——— CHEMICAL BROTHERS  Dig Your Own Hole Rock-dance fusion, it's all the rage, you know! And with good reason on the evidence of the Chemicals' second LP. The debut may have been patchy in places (Leave Home excepted, natch), but this speedy, bone-crunching, millennial groove thang entertains throughout, hurtling inexorably towards the trippy, 10-minute closer Private Psychedelic Reel (Ed's fave track)N Meaty, beaty, big & bouncy. As it were. Today the UK - tomorrow the USA!  ——————————————————————————————————2/10— By Stephen Eastwood CLUB LAND: BANGIN' & SLAMMIN'! p494 Charts Tours Tours Full guide
P484 Teletext 484 Apr13 21:10:12  NEW .   ALBUM  N ————————————————————————  ——— GOLD BLADE  Home Turf Former music writer (hey!) John Robb and his motley crew come pre-packed with an agenda - a burning belief in the messianic powers of rock'n'roll. On record, this translates as shouty, guitar-driven, riff-riddled powerpunk, pounding drum beats (often borrowing the Ants/Bow Wow Wow "Burundi" style), and the spikiest '50s-inspired chords Do ya wanna be in his gang? 'jll, yeah, probably. If you don't mind the odd Skids soundalike track, that is.  ——————————————————————————————————3 10— By Stephen Eastwood THE LATEST ROCKYPOP NEWSBITS p481 Charts Tours Tours Full guide
P484 Teletext 480 Apr13 21:02:11  NEW .   ALBUM  . ————————————————————————  ——— LAURENT GARNIER  30 French DJ LG celebrates his 30th birthday (hence the title) with a mixed bag of house/dub/ambient/techno treats. The more commercially viable Flashback (a rave-funk hybrid) and now-familiar Crispy Bacon (which we'll refrain from labelling "sizzling") impress but sit uneasily alongside the mellower moodsN Sweet Mellow floats along pleasantly, but the aquatic soundscapd of Deep Sea Diving drowns in Orb-ish cliche. ghale noises? So 20 minutes ago! \ ——————————————————————————————————4/10— By Stephen Eastwood METAL: ROCKIN' OR RANCID? p482 Charts Tours Tours Full guide
P484 Teletext 484 Apr13 21:00:10  NEW .   ALBUM  . ————————————————————————  ——— FRUIT  Hark At Her Fruit is the side-project of Kitchens Of Distinction frontman Patrick, and the Kitchens stamp is evident. Guest vocals (David McAlmont, Drugstore singer Isabel) bolster an eclectic LP with intelligent lyrics dealing with homosexuality (Close Personal Friends) and AIDS (the heartfelt Scatter Me)N The highlight? A hugely spiteful Starring Relationship (featuring Lush chanteuse Miki Berenyi), echoing the vitriol of Transformer-era Lou Reed  ——————————————————————————————————5 10— By Stephen Eastwood Send your letters to Planet Sound, Teletext, PO Box 297, London, SW6 1QJ Charts Tours Tours Full guide
P484 Teletext 486 Apr13 21:01:01  NEW .   ALBUM  N ————————————————————————  ——— MORPHINE   Like Swimming Both band name and album title suggest a drowsy, narcotic sound. Indeed, their first two albums focussed on late-night, wonky jazz work-outs with a severe case of the blues. Here, they rock out a bit more on funky Early To Bed or strumpy Eleven O'Clock. Dripping with sleaze and sax appeal, this LP is undoubtedly atmospheric (gin joints, ciggy smoke, etc) but clean-cyt listeners may be less impressed. \ ——————————————————————————————————6/10— By Stephen Eastwood G.U.NN INTERVIEWED p483 Charts Tours Tours Full guide
P484 Teletext 484 Apr13 21:04:00  NEW .   ALBUM  . ————————————————————————  ——— DAMAGE  Forever At last, a debut Brit r&b album that could stand next to anything that Toni Braxton, Tony Rich or any other Yank called Tony can offer and hold its head up high. Mostly a collection of perfectly executed ballads like Love II Love and Love Guaranteed and a cover of Eric Clapton's Wonderful Tonight, Forever shimmers with pristine smoothness. If Damage receive major record company support the sky's the limit. \ ——————————————————————————————————7 10— by Andy Panos THE LATEST ROCKYPOP NEWSBITS p481 Charts Tours Tours Full guide
P484 Teletext 484 Apr13 21:10:10  NEW .   ALBUM  . ————————————————————————  ——— CLOCK About Time 2  You know the formula by now: this year's 2 Unlimited comprise pseudo-sexy techno-vixen vocals and a "bonkers" rapping bloke who's meant to sound hard As Europap tradition decrees, half of the LP is covers (Axel F, Ghat A Night, C'Mon Everybody, The Finest)N Cop out! All high energy bluster with simple, universally appealing lyrics, this is No 1 in Holland and Norway as I write (probably)N If you must hear it, pop in to your local discount store and check the piped music. There's no escapf. ——————————————————————————————————8/10— by Stephen Eastwood TOTAL ENTERTAINMENT GUIDE p400 Charts Tours Tours Full guide
P484 Teletext 480 Apr13 21:07:00  NEW .   ALBUM  . ————————————————————————  ——— CARTER THE UNSTOPPABLE SEX  MACHINE A World 'jthout Dave This budget price, six track mini-album marks the return of the duo they dubbed "the fraggle Pet Shop Boys" back in the late '80s, now joined by a drummer. Back on an indie label, the boys seem to have mellowed. Gone are the chirpy anthemic choruses, barrage of keyboards and cringeworthy puns In come elegiac lyrics, and a minimal, mournful sound. I despised Carter the first time around but this is curiously affecting. Hey, I guess we all get older.  ——————————————————————————————————9 10— By Stephen Eastwood THE LATEST ROCKYPOP NEWSBITS p481 Charts Tours Tours Full guide