P415 Teletext 415 Apr13 21:12:00       ————————————————————————————————  LIBERAL DEMOCRAT RUTH BERRY  In a new three-part series, Teletext talks to three parliamentary candidates. First in the line-up is 21-year-old Liberal Democrat, Ruth Berry, standing for Newcastle. The first thing that hits you when you meet Ruth is her youth. "I'm not middle-aged and I haven't been in the political arena for decades," says Ruth. "But I'm ready, willing and more than able to be a politician!" ——————————————————————————————————1/5—— by Bernadette Carroll CHECK OUT YOUR LOVE STARS! p418 HRT Recipe Stars TV
P415 Teletext 415 Apr13 21:12:11       ————————————————————————————————  LIBERAL DEMOCRAT RUTH BERRY  In running for parliament Ruth Berry breaks the mould of the middle-aged candidate - a tradition that "doesn't make sense" in a democracy, she says. "Politics is the people's arena - it influences their lives. Because society is made up of all different types of pfople, parliament should represent that diversity," says Ruth, 21. "I may be young but I represent a huge chunk of the UK population." ——————————————————————————————————2/5—— Fun & Games 150 Love Stars 418 SAFETY IN THE SUN p413 HRT Recipe Stars TV
P415 Teletext 415 Apr13 21:00:00       ————————————————————————————————  LIBERAL DEMOCRAT RUTH BERRY  "I got into politics big time after I completed my A-levels," says Ruth Berry. "One of my lecturers was a real confidence booster - he made me believe that you can do anything you want." She adds: "But you have to work for it. I started from nought in 1992, leafleting for parliamentary candidates "It was a brilliant way in, though I have to say I didn't see myself doing what I'm doing now." ——————————————————————————————————3/5—— Go Green 160 Family Finance 540 gHAT'S ON THE BOX TONIGHT? p121 HRT Recipe Stars TV
P415 Teletext 415 Apr13 21:10:01       ————————————————————————————————  LIBERAL DEMOCRAT RUTH BERRY  As if standing as a parliamentary candidate wasn't challenge enough, Ruth is also working toward her finals for a degree in politics at Newcastle University. "Right now everything is manic. If I'm not canvassing, I'm buried in books!" As for a social life? "'jll, that's organised via my diary," says RuthN "But don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining. I love what I'm doing." ——————————————————————————————————4/5—— Total Entertainment 400 Bamboozle 152 gHAT'S JENNY COOKING TODAY? p417 HRT Recipe Stars TV
P415 Teletext 415 Apr13 21:10:00       ————————————————————————————————  LIBERAL DEMOCRAT RUTH BERRY  Ruth Berry's father, Chris, is also a parliamentary candidate, for Eastbourne "Ghich is brilliant, as not only do we help each other when we get stuck with speeches, we both understand where the other is coming from," says Ruth, the eldest of 11 children. "However, sometimes he gets a little upset when people call him 'Ruth's father'. 'f both work for the same party - but we're standing on our own." ——————————————————————————————————5/5—— Total Entertainment 400 Bamboozle 152 HORROR STAG NIGHT STORIES p411 HRT Recipe Stars TV