P412 Teletext 412 Apr13 21:10:01       ————————————— (,/% —————————  —— DRESS AHEAD AT WORK  You may be the best-qualified for promotion - but do you dress the part? Successful businesswomen were quizzed about how they dressed - and what they wouldn't dream of wearing to the office The message they gave is loud and clear: you need a special kind of power dressing to be taken seriously at work. The golden rule is look smart - but never sexy, they say. ——————————————————————————————————1/7—— By Claire White THE SAINT: 'F SPILL THE BEANS! P414 Sun watch The Saint Stars On Stage
P412 Teletext 413 Apr13 21:10:01       ————————————— (,/% —————————  —— DRESS AHEAD AT WORK  Women in middle or senior management have remarkably similar views about dress, says Joanna Entwistle of the University of North London. "They need to look smart and quite formal at work. This usually means either a skirted suit or matching jacket and skirt," notes Joanna. "Not many women wear trousers Some aren't allowed to, others don't like to or they don't suit them," she says ——————————————————————————————————2/7—— Go Green 160 Today's Recipe 417 SLIP SLAP AND SLOP IN THE SUN P413 Sun watch The Saint Stars On Stage
P412 Teletext 410 Apr13 21:10:00       ————————————— (,/% —————————  —— DRESS AHEAD AT WORK  The successful women Joanna quizzed had definite do's and don'ts for looking professional at workN Avoid cardigans and jumpers Don't look sexy. It could undermine your authority and distract others. It's okay to look attractive - just don't dress or make-up excessively. Keep hair neat and above shoulders. Don't wear short skirts or stilettos Avoid big shoulder pads. ——————————————————————————————————3/7—— Challenge your brain with a quiz 419 HRT: IS IT ALL GOOD NEWS? p416 Sun watch The Saint Stars On Stage
P412 Teletext 412 Apr13 21:31:10       ————————————— (,/% —————————  —— DRESS AHEAD AT WORK  Successful women "think executive" when they look through their wardrobes each morning, Joanna notes. Their greatest fear is being mistaken for a secretary. "Men have long worn suits to the office and they're now associated with 'business'," says the PHD student. "Women entering male-dominated professions have to adopt formal dress as well if they're to be recognised as career-minded," she adds. ——————————————————————————————————4/7—— Planet Sound 480 Love stars 418 JOHNNY DEPP TURNS FBI AGENT p461 Sun watch The Saint Stars On Stage
P412 Teletext 410 Apr13 21:01:10       ————————————— (,/% —————————  —— DRESS AHEAD AT WORK  Jess Hunter would never wear a cardigan to her job as a project manager for a design company. "I attend meetings and liaise with customers all the time," she says. "I agree with Joanna that you must look the part to be taken seriously." Jess, 33, of Teddington, Middx, adds: "I wear dark clothing and avoid short skirts I do have long hair - but the overall impression's most important." ——————————————————————————————————5/7—— ghat's cooking? 417 Today's stars 418 STAG NIGHT NIGHTMARES...p411 Sun watch The Saint Stars On Stage
P412 Teletext 412 Apr13 21:01:00       ————————————— (,/% —————————  —— DRESS AHEAD AT WORK  As head of personnel services at Boots the Chemists, Anne Toler oversees the personnel needs of 55,000 people. "Wearing the right clothes definitely ensures you're taken more seriously," she saysN "I'd agree with everything Joanna says." Anne adds: "I've noticed that in large organisations, junior female managers dress more conservatively. The more senior feel they can wear more colour." ——————————————————————————————————6/7—— Go Green 160 Stay safe in the sun 413 WORKING 'JTH CELEBRITIES P145 Sun watch The Saint Stars On Stage
P412 Teletext 411 Apr13 21:15:01       ————————————— (,/% —————————  —— DRESS AHEAD AT WORK  High flier Anne Toler, 40, says she already dresses in the way researcher Joanna recommends for successN "I'd never wear a cardigan for work - it's mostly suits. And my hair's short," she saysN ghen interviewing applicants for jobs at Boots, Anne says appdarance matters. "They must dress appropriately. In general, the more senior the job, the more conservative you dress," she adds. ——————————————————————————————————7/7—— ghat's cooking? 417 Quiz 418 THE STAG NIGHT BLUES P 411 Sun watch The Saint Stars On Stage