P3e4 4-Tel 364 Sun 13 Apr C4 21:00:00    Young Reportdr of t(— Year    Fancy xoqrself as a sports  reporter? T(—n read on..  The winner will write a report on thd Italian game —nd it will app—!r h—pe on 4-$jl and gn Channel 4's nes w—b s—te at www.channel4 com How to enter Send a match report of no more than 500 words on any game you see - a school match, one from the Carling Premiership or even a top Serie A game as seen on Channel 4! Send entraes by 1 Lay 1997 to Young Reporter Competition c/o 1 Noel Road London N1 8HQ 2/2 C4Tod—x PpeviewIndex F—lms P—ghpToReply