P339 4-Tel 339 Sun 13 Apr C4 21:10:01         Science Line has joined forces with Channel 4 to run a new subscription service for viewers who enjoy Equinox and the Channel's other science output. To help you make more of these, subscribers get advance programme information and details of linked educational courses and other activities across the country. You also get the opportunity to feedback your views to programme makers as well as free calls to Science Line - all for £15 per year. More details in a moment...  1/2 Next page C4 Today Previews + Subtitles
P339 4-Tel 339 Sun 13 Apr C4 21:14:01         This subscription service is called Science Line-Up. For more information, call: Lizzie Perkins on 0222 575444 If you are not a subscriber, you can still call the Science Line information service with your questions on science, technology, engineering and medicine: Call Science Line on 0345 600 444 Open 1pm-7pm weekdays Cost: Lo-call 4-Tel support index 310 2/2 Next page C4 Today Previews + Subtitles