P172 Teletext 173 Apr13 21:10:00     ——————————————————  ————————————————— 2XTREME PlayStation OVERALL 36% Awful multi-sport race game NHL FACE OFF 97 PlayStation OVERALL 44% Equally awful ice hockey nonsense. MDK PC OVERALL 97% Ground-breaking 3D platform shoot 'em up larks. The stuff of classics. SCUD RACE Arcade OVERALL 72% Pretty/pretty boring racer. INTERSTATE 76 PC OVERALL 91% Excellent Mad Max meets Starsky and Hutch-style drive/shoot 'em up ——————————————————————————————————1/4—— The Sound of Throats 480 Tina 196 BE STILL, MY BEATING YOUTH p140 Reviews Hot topic TV Go Green
P172 Teletext 173 Apr13 21:15:01     ——————————————————  ————————————————— Next week we treat you to all this: Mechwarrior 2 and Crusader on PlayStation, Mass Destruction on Saturn, and Scarab and Atomic Bomberman on the Personal Computer machine. 'f'll be having a special interview with a famous historical figure, who'll be giving us his opinions on videogames - via the miracle of time travel.   IN OUR SLOT THIS 'FEK  MDK PC INTERSTATE 76 PC MASS DESTRUCTION Saturn  2/4 www.teletext.co.uk/digitise.htm BAMBER CLIMBS GIANT MAG ON TV p152 Reviews Hot topic TV Go Green
P172 Teletext 173 Apr13 21:30:10     GAMING POSERS FROM THE ROBOT DOCTOR ———  Greetings, Earth humanN I  have been on vacation this  week, to the planet Noptop,  where the inhabitants have   never so much as seen a man  - let alone question one!   In the game Interstate 76  who do you play?  GROOVE CHAMPION  ghere is the game POD set?  PLANET IO In Mechwarrior, what do you control? A BIG WALKING ROBOT TANK THING ——————————————————————————————————3/4—— PRESS REVEAL FOR DR TRIV'S CURE DIGITISER: IT AIN'T HALF EVIL, MUM! Reviews Hot topic TV Go Green
P172 Teletext 173 Apr13 21:10:01     COMING SOON ——————  ————————————————— Put your drooling tongues away and pig- up on this lot - some titles likely to be in your local store before the end of the April. Possibly. Lomax PC Apr 18 Riot PS/PC Apr 18 Spider PS Apr 21 Exhumed PS/PC Apr 22 Bug Too SA/PC Apr 24 Formula One PC Apr 25 Crypt Killer PS/SA Apr 25 Jonah Lomu Rugby PS Apr 25 Descent 2 PS 'jek 4 Redneck Rampage PC 'bek 4 ——————————————————————————————————4/4—— ALL RELEASE DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WAITER, gHERE ARE THE FLIES? p198 Reviews Hot topic TV Go Green