P162 Teletext 165 Apr13 21:10:10          ————————  ——————————————  THE SUFFERING OF HUNTED DEER   The National Trust has banned deer hunts on its land after publishing the results of a two-year scientific study which reveals deer suffer harmful stress while hunted by houndsN Spokesman Prof Patrick Bateson says: "Have no doubt, hunts with hounds cause great suffering to red deer." His findings are a devastating blow to the hunting lobby which had claimed that deer found the chase exciting. ——————————————————————————————————1/5—— by Bernadette Carroll FOR THE LATEST GREEN NEWS p161 Climate Rituals TV Digitiser
P162 Teletext 161 Apr13 21:13:11          ————————  ——————————————  THE SUFFERING OF HUNTED DEER   Research carried out on red deer (but findings also relate to fallow deer) reveal that the placid creatures were chased by hounds for an average of 12 miles during a three-hour period. Patrick Bateson of the National Trust says: "This prolonged form of exercise is not natural to the animal. "It causes damage to blood cells and and muscle equivalent to a fit horse running the Grand National." ——————————————————————————————————2/5—— Green Events 165 Eco Scene 148 TOTAL ENTERTAINMENT p400 Climate Rituals TV Digitiser
P162 Teletext 165 Apr13 21:00:01          ————————  ——————————————  THE SUFFERING OF HUNTED DEER   Kevin Saunders of The League Against Cruel Sports says the National Trust's findings helped form the basis of the ban on deer hunts with hounds. He says: "A fact we believed in for many years has now been established. Deers suffer pain - they do not enjoy the chase." The League hailed the National Trust's ban on stage hunting with hounds as "a very big nail in the coffin of hunting" ——————————————————————————————————3/5—— It's Your Life 410 Love Stars 418 BIG SCREEN NEWS & GOSSIP p461 Climate Rituals TV Digitiser
P162 Teletext 161 Apr13 21:10:00          ————————  ——————————————  THE SUFFERING OF HUNTED DEER   Mike Squire of the Deer Society welfare organisation said the ban on deer hunting with hounds was correct because of the impact on the animals. However he believes that growing populations of red deer need to be controlled and culling is the only answer "but it should be carried out in a humane and efficient manner." He suggests the use of a high-powered rifle so death is instant. ——————————————————————————————————4/5—— Hollywood Goss 461 Fun & Games 150 gHAT'S ON IN THE GREEN WORLD? p165 Climate Rituals TV Digitiser
P162 Teletext 161 Apr13 21:10:01          ————————  ——————————————  THE SUFFERING OF HUNTED DEER   Paul Latham from the British Field Sports Society says: "Hqnt supporters have sincerely believed that very little suffering was involved in hunting with hounds. "Obviously we are surprised with the results of the National Trust's study and we are taking it very seriously." He adds: "Hunters do care about the welfare of animals and wouldn't be happy doing something cruel." ——————————————————————————————————5/5—— WHAT DO YOU THINK? WRITE TO: GO GREEN, PO BOX 297, LONDON SW6 1XTN Fax: 0171 386 5618. Climate Rituals TV Digitiser