P561 Teletext 561 Oct28 21:51:00 YORKSHIRE GUERNSEY LIMITED 1/4 5 YEAR STEPPED RATE BOND(ISSUE 2) up to    gross p.a. Market-leading 5 year fixed term with rates guaranteed to increase yearly to 31.12.2001. Minimum investment only £5,000. Maximum investment £1,000,000. Interest paid annually from 31.12.97 without deduction of tax. Withdrawals permitted after Year 1. Strictly limited availability. Applications may be cancelled within 10 working days of their receipt. YEAR BY YEAR INTEREST RATES NEXT... Cinema Racing Greyhounds TV Plus
P561 Teletext 561 Oct28 21:53:01 2/4 5 YEAR STEPPED RATE BOND (ISSUE 2)  YEAR 1 to 31.12.97 6.25% gross p.a.  YEAR 2 to 31.12.98 6.75% gross p.a.  YEAR 3 to 31.12.99 7.25% gross p.a.  YEAR 4 8.00% gross p.a. to 31.12.2000  YEAR 5 10.25% gross p.a TO 2001  CALL FREE ON 0800 37 88 36 YORKSHIRE GUERNSEY IS A WHOLLY OWNED SUBSIDIARY OF YORKSHIRE BUILDING SOCIETY Cinema Racing Greyhounds TV Plus
P561 Teletext 561 Oct28 21:40:11 No further deposits after opening. Partial withdrawals after 31/12/97 subject to loss of an amount equal to 180 days interest. Interest rates on the instant access account into which the investments mature are variable. Interest is paid annually and calculated on a daily basis commencing 3 working days from receipt for cheques and up to, but not including, the day of withdrawal. Full terms and conditions will be sent by return. Yorkshire Guernsey has its registered office and principal place of business at PO Box 304, Valley House, Hospital Lane, St Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands GY1 3SF and is licensed under the The Banking Supdrvision (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law 1994 as amended.The paid-up share capital & reserves of Yorkshire Guernsey Ltd are available on demand from the above address. Cinema Racing Greyhounds TV Plus
P561 Teletext 561 Oct28 21:51:10 4/4 Copies of the most recent audited accounts of Yorkshire Guernsey are available on demand from the address below. Deposits made with offices of Yorkshire Guernsey are not covered by the Deposit Protection Scheme under the UK Banking Act 1987. Yorkshire Building Society has agreed to meet any liabilities of Yorkshire Guernsey Limited which that company is unable to meet out of its own assets. ADDRESS: PO BOX 304, VALLEY HOUSE, HOSPITAL LANE, ST PETER PORT, GY1 3SF GUERNSEY CHANNEL ISLANDS Cinema Racing Greyhounds TV Plus