P445 Teletext 445 Oct28 21:41:10       ————————————————————————————  PRESSED FOR TIME!   In our regular series on jobs in the music industry we profile the role of the independent public relations person Chris Poole runs his own publicity company, Poole Edwards, publicising products and artists. His more famous artists include Peter Andre, The Backstreet Boys and David Bowie. Chris says the main element of his job is "media manipulation." ——————————————————————————————————1/3—— Get the latest gossip 443 NICK FISHER CAN HELP YOU p446 Angst Mates Eco-scene 'Tiser
P445 Teletext 445 Oct28 21:51:04       ————————————————————————————  PROBLEMS SORTED ON FILM!  Problem-solving will take on a different dimension on a new Channel 4 series hosted by Teletext's agony uncle Nick Fisher. Viewers will be able to make video diaries of their problems and then discuss them with Nick and a panel of experts in the studio. The series-producers are making an urgent appeal for people to take part in the show. Club 440 finds out more. ——————————————————————————————————1/4—— Celine Dion's album 624 NICK FISHER CAN HELP YOU p446 Angst Mates Eco-scene 'Tiser
P445 Teletext 445 Oct28 21:41:01       ————————————————————————————  PRESSED FOR TIME!   "The main difference between my job and a record company PR is that we get to choose the artists we want to work with," says PR Chris Poole. "Consequently we can devote more time to an artist. Artists these days know exactly the type of publicity they want. We have to comply with their wishes," says Chris. "My bob involves trying to keep the artist happy and the press happy." ——————————————————————————————————2/5—— Musical interlude 444 PLANET SOUND p620 Angst Mates Eco-scene 'Tiser
P445 Teletext 445 Oct28 21:53:10       ————————————————————————————  PROBLEMS SORTED ON FILM!  Nick Fisher's new show will give you a chance to make a short film about your problem using a camcorder. Series producer Celia Taylor says: "If you're having a problem with your mum or dad, for instance, you can show us the evidence on film." "They will also be given a chance to put their side of the story on camcorder too," adds Celia. ——————————————————————————————————2/4—— Fill the void 622 NICK FISHER HAS ADVICE p446 Angst Mates Eco-scene 'Tiser
P445 Teletext 445 Oct28 21:55:01       ————————————————————————————  PROBLEMS SORTED ON FILM!  Agony uncle Nick Fisher says he wants to hear about problems involving two or more people, with relationships ranging from family to friends to teachers. "We will feature problems that strike a chord with all of us," he says. "The objective is to examine all sides of an argelfnt and pull it to pieces." "We can't promise to solve people's problems, but we are genuinely trying to understand them," he says. ——————————————————————————————————3/4—— Mark Owen dishes out advice 443 ANTONIO FARGAS BEARS ALL p623 Angst Mates Eco-scene 'Tiser
P445 Teletext 445 Oct28 21:40:03       ————————————————————————————  PRESSED FOR TIME!   A gift of the gab and tireless enthusiasm for music are essential for a budding PR," says Chris Poole. "I worked as Prince's PR for four years and it was a 24 hour a day fob. He'd call me in the middle of the night to check that the lighting was OK for tomorrow's gig!" As a PR you have to match the artist with the right newspapers and magazines ——————————————————————————————————3/5—— What's new? 623 HOG TO BE A SOUL DIVA p441 Angst Mates Eco-scene 'Tiser
P445 Teletext 445 Oct28 21:50:10       ————————————————————————————  PROBLEMS SORTED ON FILM!  Nick Fisher's new series, provisionally titled Problem, What Problem? will come as good news to young people who think TV portrays teens in an unrealistic way "It'll be a warts-and-all insight into ordinary people's lives," assures Nick. Anybody who is interested in taking part can call Sarah on 0171 287 0097 to discuss the problem in confidence. ——————————————————————————————————4/4—— Liam and Patsy's pizza 443 LOOK BEYOND THE PALE p446 Angst Mates Eco-scene 'Tiser
P445 Teletext 445 Oct28 21:42:02       ————————————————————————————  PRESSED FOR TIME!   "Bryan Adams once walked out of an interview I'd set up with a newspaper because he felt they knew nothing about his music," says PR Chris Poole. Forcing an artist to conduct interviews never works says Chris, who has also looked after Sting. "You can't tell someone like Sting what he should do. He's very aware of the press he wants." PR company Poole Edwards gets 30 letters a week asking for jobs. ——————————————————————————————————4/5—— Nick can help 446 GET ON THE 'ZINE p442 Angst Mates Eco-scene 'Tiser
P445 Teletext 445 Oct28 21:40:02       ————————————————————————————  PRESSED FOR TIME!   PR Chris Poole says an ability to write is essential if you want to get in to publicity. "Journalists make good PRs because they know the business." "Media studies courses can help, but I don't think formal training is essential," advises Chris. Bournemouth, Leeds and Plymouth Universities run public relations courses. The Liverpool Institute for The Performing Arts also runs a course. ——————————————————————————————————5/5—— Get on the 'Zine 442 CHECK OUT THE GOSS p443 Angst Mates Eco-scene 'Tiser