P436 Teletext 436 Oct28 21:54:40 INSTANT CASH EXTRA 1/4 RULES AND REGULATIONS 1.Entry is free. No purchase is necessary. Gamecards are available from all newsagents. 2.The game must be played in accor- dance with the directions published from time to time on Teletext. 3.The winner(s) in any game will be determined in accordance with these directions & the procedures set out from time to time on $fletext. 4.Should there be more winners than prizes available, a simple draw will take place for the prize. 5.Claims must be made between 10.30am and 4.00pm on 0990 44 00 77 on the day matching numbers are displayed, or the next working day (Mon-Sat). TO PLAY THE GAME, SEE ITV p362 New Movies Club 440 Kids Its Your Life
P436 Teletext 436 Oct28 21:46:10 INSTANT CASH EXTRA 2/4 RULES AND REGULATIONS 6.When making their claims, claimants must have their cards available for the purpose of prelimary checking. Thereafter a gamecard must be produ\ ced for inspection in the U.K. if required. Proof of identity may be asked for. 7.If requested, a claimant's card must be submitted by Recorded Post to arrive within 7 days of the telephone claim. No responsibility can be accepted for the loss of potential claims or for games missed as a result of the card being submitted for Verification or any other reason. 8.Cards will be declared void if found mutilated, illegible, altered, recon\ structed, forged or tampered with in any way. Cards containing printing errors are void. TO PLAY THE GAME, SEE ITV p362 New Movies Club 440 Kids Its Your Life
P436 Teletext 436 Oct28 21:40:07 INSTANT CASH EXTRA 3/4 RULES AND REGULATIONS 9.Failure to claim by the time or times or in the manner specified will make the claim invalid. 10.Winners cannot request alternative prizes to the prize offered. Entrants may play with one card only. Winning cards are distributed randomly. 11.Publicity may be given to winners on Teletext. 12.Delivery of any prize will be made in the U.K. 13. Persons under the age of 18 years are not eligible to play any of the games. Employees & agents of Teletext Limited or of any companies or any person concerned with the preparation & distribution of galf cards are not eligible to take part in the f—lfs, nor are their relatives or members of their families or households. TO PLAY THE GAME, SEE ITV p362 New Movies Club 440 Kids Its Your Life
P436 Teletext 436 Oct28 21:51:00 INSTANT CASH EXTRA 4/4 RULES AND REGULATIONS 14.In the event of TV reception being distorted or in any other way affec- ted that prevents the game being played as directed, then claims made on the basis of such reception cannot be accepted. 15.The determination & decision of the Managing Director of Teletext Ltd on all matters relating to this galf shall be final. Teletext Ltd reserve the right in their absolute discre- tion to disqualify any entry, compe- titor or nominee, add to or waive any rules, or in the event of circumstan- ces outside our control arising, which, in their opinion, make this desirable to cancel the competition at any stage. No correspondence will be entered into. Rules available from Teletext/Instant Cash Extra PO Box 79, Accrington BB5 5GJ. New Movies Club 440 Kids Its Your Life