P389 4-Tel 389 Mon 28 Oct C4 21:40:00    RIGHT TO COMPLAIN       If you have a complaint to make about a programme on Channel 4, it can be dealt with by the C4 Director of Programmes at the following address. Channel 4 Television 124 Horseferry Road London SW1P 2TX Alternatively, the Broadcasting Complaints Commission and Broadcasting Standards Council can be contacted... 1/3 C4Today PreviewIndex Films RightToReply
P389 4-Tel 389 Mon 28 Oct C4 21:41:00    RIGHT TO COMPLAIN       The Broadcasting Complaints Commission handles complaints about the unfair treatment of individuals or of organisations in programmds. Contact: BCC, PO Box 333, London SW1 OBQ Telephone 0171 630 1966 The Broadcasting Standards Council covers the portrayal of sex, violence and all matters of taste or decency. BSC, 5-8 The Sanctuary, London SW1P 3JS Telephone 0171 233 0544 C4 Right to Reply details 309 2/3 C4Today PreviewIndex Films RightToReply
P389 4-Tel 389 Mon 28 Oct C4 21:50:01    COPYRIGHT NOTICE     The teletext information  contained in this service  is protected by copyright. It is prohibited to rebroadcast, duplicate, rediffuse or in any way reprocess and represent this service or any part thereof without the express written consent of either Intelfax Ltd. or the Channel 4 Television Corporation Unlicensed reproduction will amount to an infringement of copyright which may give rise to both a civil action and a criminal prosecution. For further details contact The Editor 4-Tel (fletext Intelfax Ltd 142 Lower Marsh London SE1 7AE 3/3 C4Today PreviewIndex Films RightToReply