P675 Teletext 675 Oct11 21:45:19 LOST TOUCH  ——————————————————————————————————5/32— Seeking information on OJ Hockley Last known address Stourview Close, Mistley, Essex. Please write to: Mr I Tombs, PO Box 1856, Stanford le Hope. Where are you Joyce Flegg. Lived with her father at the Boltic Witton Park Village nr Bishop Auckland. Ring Brenda 01388 773842 (eves). Seeking Linda Stace (MN) Born 1950/51 Attended St Johns School RAF Episkopi Cyrpus 1963-67. Had two sisters. Father in RAF. Contact Sue 01252 878092. Calling Margaret Archbold lived Heaton Newcastle during WW2. Was it you in London SE19 in 1986? I still have Rocket Hill photo. Tel 771 exchange ——————————————————————————————————————— Service Pals Scrooge Fit TV Plus
P675 Teletext 675 Oct11 21:20:11 LOST TOUCH  ————————————————————————pp—————p—p6/32p Who remembers Dorathy (Dot) Harold Cruse lived Upper Parliament Street, Liverpool early sixties. Harold {a; a window cleaner. Ring 01254 888529. Seeking Malcolm Townet bjst man at my wedding. St Pauls Church Ruislip Manor 1947. Also Wilhelmina Lubbers Ring Les Braddick 01223 263316. Looking for relatives of Mary Sutherland daughter of coal agent. Lived 2 Bell Tower Place, Berwick on Tweed and Edinburgh in 1936. Telephone 01733 313439. Looking for Peter Whiteley from Dewsbury Yorkshire. born 3.12.31. Please ring 01253 399421. ———————————————————————————————————pp—— Service Pals Scrooge Fit TV Plus
P675 Teletext 675 Oct11 21:46:14 LOST TOUCH  ——————————————————————————————————7/32— Seeking photo/info on my grandfather Ernest Henry Rogers Died 1953. who's lifes work was tracing Jaques Ancestry Contact Mrs S Webber, 54 Medeswell Cle. Berryfields,Brundall, Norfolk. NR13 5QG Seeking Rhiannon Ellnore Didlick/ Wilson. Her Auntie Claire Louise and cousins Liam and Jordan would tove to hear from her. Call 001 970 328 6669 (Colorado America) Seeking news of (Elizabeth)Sarah Boyd born 1943, lived Falmer Rd, Woodingdean Sussex in 1950's. At SMH Brighton 1954-60. Phone/fax 0181 776 2809. ——————————————————————————————————————— Service Pals Scrooge Fit TV Plus
P675 Teletext 675 Oct11 21:47:02 LOST TOjCH  ——————————————————————————————————8/32— Seeking news of Joanna Mardling. DOB 12.7.43. Lived MY Clynder, Newhaven Harbour in 1950's and holidayed along Dutch and Belgian canals. Remember Babington? Phone 0181 776 2809. Trying to trace Joan Smith lived in Elmfield Road Balham SW12. Went to Ravenstone School during 1948/49. Remember Marina Adkins 0181 743 5086 Does anyone know the whereabouts of Judith Movita Charlton (MN) Young. DOB 13.3.40 or Steven Anthony Anderson. Contact Daren Anderson 0181 423 8623. Were you in Mr Crawley's class at Sybourn Street School in 195P/51? Call John Mayhew 01223 249864. ——————————————————————————————————————— Service Pals Scrooge Fit TV Plus
P675 Teletext 675 Oct11 21:00:00 LOST TO@CH  ——————————————————————————————————1  Trying to trace family of late Thomas Henry Bates. Born 1890/95. He had his own band playing hotels. Contact Colin Baslington 01277 225613 Seeking Ena and Ray Battly Last known of in the Heston Area in the early 60's Had sons Alan and Alex and daughter Ray Contact Michelle Gaylor 01767 683850 Looking for Michelle Parry. Last known living in Folkestone area. She coud be in the police force in Kent area. Contact Michelle 01767 683850. Seeking my sister Pamela Jayne Millington Born 23/2/54 Shrewsbury. Lived in Frankwell. Believed to be now married. Ring David 01472 753712. ——————————————————————————————————————— Service Pals Scrooge Fit TV Plus
P675 Teletext 675 Oct11 21:00:10 LOST TOUCH  ——————————————————————————————————11/32 Wishing to contact Anne Jacobs nee Warren last known to be diving on Canvey Island. Please contact Helen Harrison 01908 617009. Looking for help to find Valerie Thompson XNee McConnell) born 9.10.34 London. Or either of her two broth—rs Call Kevin McConnell 01493 748470. Seeking Richard Pulford, Roger George Carole Farmer, Richard W—aver for Knutsford reunion 1997. Ring Dave Hewitt 01625 584738. Seeking Joan and George Howell from the Hounslow area in the early 60's. Friends of Mary and Sam Hockley. Contact Michelle Gaylor 01767 683850. ——————————————————————————————————————— Service Pals Scrooge Fit TV Plus
P675 Teletext 675 Oct11 21:01:00 LOST TOUCH  ——————————————————————————————————12/32 Seeking family and friends of the late Sara Jane (Sally) Spring nee Garside. Ring 01923 662255. Where are you? Linda Violet May Adkins. Daughter of Ed and Violet. Departed for Canada in 1978/79. Any information please call 01252 725896. Searching for best man Charlie Ashton DOB 7/6/44 originated Liverpool. Married Sue in South Africa. Children Chase and Lyndsey. Phone Mick Attepby 01202 246789 (n) or 01722 716550. Margaret Johnson, father Leslie Henry Johnson mother Flo. Last heard of early fifties at 44 Dickens Road Mile End, Portsmouth. Your cousin A L Highgate would like contact 01276 66905. ——————————————————————————————————————— Service Pals Scrooge Fit TV Plus
P675 Teletext 675 Oct11 21:10:02 LOST TOUCH  ——————————————————————————————————13/32 Looking for Richard Rosewarne last heard of early 80's. I sas best man ap his wedding. Trained together at the Skillcentre. Remember the Anglia? Get in touch Allan 01620 824081. Looking for Vera Winifred May Boswell or anyone who knows her. Last known address 99 Nightingale Lane Wandsworth London. Please ring 01524 424335. Seeking information on Judy Davis. last known address Helyg Fach Aberporth Wales 1969/70. Ring Anne 01592 773732 Seeking Matthew Cashman (Mattie) ex-marine and merchant seaman with Shell Oil. Last contact Aldershot Hants 1950's. Call Joe 01252 548950 ——————————————————————————————————————— Service Pals Scrooge Fit TV Plus
P675 Teletext 675 Oct11 21:10:03 LOST TOUCH  ——————————————————————————————————14/32 Seeking Vic Myatt. Last known address 185 Linton Road, Walsall in 1956 and now aged 58/9. Any information on his current whereabouts 01892 654522. Seeking Ken Gray. Last address Flat 2 6 Blomfield Road, St Leonards E Sussex Was in the National Service with him Any info Don Williams 01736 795498 Wanting info on the Howarth Family (Doreen, Don and Brian) Tom Charles and Muriel Holden. All lived in Utting A6e L'pool. Ring Ernie George 01624 851016 Hi Bill Simpson are you still out there? Your sisters Rose and Milly would love to hear from you. Please ring 0181 850 3391. ——————————————————————————————————————— Service Pals Scrooge Fit TV Plus
P675 Teletext 675 Oct11 21:10:00 LOST TOUCH  ——————————————————————————————————15/32 Seeking John Gordon Patrick Dolan. Born Thirsk Yorks 1941? Mother Irene father Patrick. Known to have married 1969. Phone Mary 0171 511 7887. Desperately seeking Patrick Jambs Mulvehille. Born Limerick Ireland 1920s last heard of Bedford area 1949/50. Contact Christine 01234 213370. Where is David Boyle (Irish wee Davey aged about 80-85. Last lived in L—eds with Tommy Mitchell. Would Davey or anyone knowing his whereabouts get in touch with Billy 0113 226 0637 Were you a pupil at Windsor School Hamm Germany. Please contact Bob Jordan Windsor Society PO Box 111, inchb3tdr Hants. For details of newsletters. ——————————————————————————————————————— Service Pals Scrooge Fit TV Plus
P675 Teletext 675 Oct11 21:11:01 LOST TOUCH  ——————————————————————————————————16/32 Seeking Carol Mincher. Last known address Sedgley W Mids 1958. Julie would like to get in contact. Please ring David Walker 01954 850354. Seeking relatives of +illiam Suddow and Sarah Poulson. Lived 28 North Castle Street Stafford. Later moved to Liverpool. Ring Ken Lowe 01703 847390 Seeking Mary Wylie nee Smythe) DOB 23.3.1906. Had a son James. Last seen in Glasgow 1947. Any relatives contact Elaine Wylie 0171 231 7421 Mary Sheehy, Kevin or Monica, if you are still looking for Billy Sinclair please leave an accurate tel no. ——————————————————————————————————————— Service Pals Scrooge Fit TV Plus
P675 Teletext 675 Oct11 21:10:10 LOST TOUCH  ——————————————————————————————————17/32 Trying to trace any relatives of John Charles Tomkins. Once lived in Ladywood Birmingham. Had brothers Dave and Charlie. Married Lillian Jordan. Worked at United Wired Works. Call 0121 453 3628. Still seeking Johnny Hill. Last heard of 1948. Used to dance with Rose Adlam at the Co op in Rye Lane. Please phone 0181 850 3391. Is there any relative of Edith Mary Waters, who has any photos of her? Please contact J Stevens 20 Mill Hill Rd, Eaton Ford, St Neots, Cambs. ——————————————————————————————————————— Service Pals Scrooge Fit TV Plus
P675 Teletext 675 Oct11 21:36:03 LOST TOUCH  ——————————————————————————————————18/32 Still searching for cousin Dorothy Roberts Xnee Spicer) Last known address Barrow Rd, Streatham. Any other cousins intersted call D Knights 01689 828087. Seeking Dennis Frederick Findon or his descendants/relatives. Last known address Birmingham 1960. Please contact David 01954 850354. Oxford area? Where are Stan Prior and all the lads from37/39 Field Bakery Yong Dung PO Korea. Anyone who can help ring Roy Murgatroyd 01274 883517. Lost bridesmaid Lesley Elizabeth Brown (MN) Ex Moseley B'ham. Sept '67 set Westminster Hospital, Sister, Burdett Ward circa 1975. Ring Maggie 01803 327941. ——————————————————————————————————————— Service Pals Scrooge Fit TV Plus
P675 Teletext 675 Oct11 21:12:00 LOST TO@CH  ——————————————————————————————————19/32 I would like information on the whereabouts of Leonard H—mmings. He lived in Paddington at 14 North Wharf Rd W2. Please phone 0181 381 4658. Where are you Diana Simpson (MN) Ex WRNS RNAS Halfar 1960s. Home town Kingsbridge. Contact Ken Millett, Flt 2 139 St Marys Rd, Market Harborough Leicestershire. LE16 7DT. Looking for Christopher Henderson. Brothers Mark and Angus. Last known address Hoe Green Village Enfield. Works for Oslers Edmonton. Please contact Julie 0378 508709. ——————————————————————————————————————— Service Pals Scrooge Fit TV Plus
P675 Teletext 675 Oct11 21:13:00 LOST TOUCH  ——————————————————————————————————20/32 Still seeking Florence Clark age 74. Last known address in 1944 was Bermondsey SE1. She served in WLA during 1943-44. Had sister Dolly and brother Harry. Call 01634 364779. Seeking descendants of Alfred and Kitty Audsley children of Arthur Llewellyn Audsley who died in Ddrby 1951. Phone 01642 825596. Dave Smith used to live at Monivea Road, Beckenham, Kent. Had a friend named Mick who lwould love to hear from you. Call 0181 6955414. Maureen Whitfield from Durban South Africa. Now remarried please call Hedda Beams 01427 811928. ——————————————————————————————————————— Service Pals Scrooge Fit TV Plus
P675 Teletext 675 Oct11 21:14:00 LOST TOUCH  ——————————————————————————————————21/32 Seeking Peter Manners aged approx 61 last seen in 1954 stationed at RAF Lyneham. could now be living in Chippenham Wilts and used to work for estinghouse. Would Petep or anyone who knows him call Jim 01793 728206. Gladys Baker would like to hear from anyone who worked at Pewley Fort, Guildford, Surrey 1939-45, with the National Building Society, now the Abbey National. Call 0181 368 5627. Interested to learn if anyone has any information on Mary R H—nderson possibly from Helensburgh area and who was a student at Glasgow School of Art 1940s. Call M Crawford 0141 336 8118. ——————————————————————————————————————— Service Pals Scrooge Fit TV Plus
P675 Teletext 675 Oct11 21:10:10 LOST TOUCH  ——————————————————————————————————22/32 Seeking David Jones lived in Rah—re St during WW2. Whereabouts may be known by Olive Durrant who once lived over the pawnbrokers in Lever St. Info to 5 Warren Croft, Sawtry, PE17 5FG. Looking for Anne Bernadette O'Connell Worked Knightsbridge 1969. Last known address Malaya, College Road, Cork, Eire. Call John 01489 589299. Dick Hitchcock where are you? You were best man at my wedding 21.3.53. I lived at New Rd, Ascot, Berks. Call Marjorie or Bob Edwards 01753 683492. ——————————————————————————————————————— Service Pals Scrooge Fit TV Plus
P675 Teletext 675 Oct11 21:10:00 LOST TOUCH  ——————————————————————————————————23/32 Seeking Rosemary or Gillian Inglis Father Rev Campbell Inglis. Former Pastor of Grange Baptist Church Birkenhead. Call K Shone 01978 761331. Seeking Miss Gillian Adams Former History teacher, left zdean School Chepstow Gwent in 1985 to live in Essex J Edwards 01291 626671. Very urgently seeking Betty and Harry Duffy. Lived in Bordon Hants. 1950s-60s Last address Pye nest Halifax, York. Phone Lucy 01664 500983. Annette McKillie (married sith sgn) Ex army Remember Cpl John Freer. He talks about you all. Contact Sandra 51 West Acre Drive, Batley, W Yorks. ——————————————————————————————————————— Service Pals Scrooge Fit TV Plus
P675 Teletext 675 Oct11 21:44:00 LOST TOUCH  ——————————————————————————————————3/32— Seeking Dermot O'Loughlin of Carraroe Galway. Son of Patrick O'Loughlin. If Dermot or anyone can help contact Margaret on 0181 888 1183. Doreen L—eson (MN) last seen whilst on holiday at Brook Farm, Marden, Hereford Summer of '46. Her home address The Cup Inn, Maney, Sutton Coldfield. I have photos of all the children. Please ring 01248 712558. Looking for relatives of Pearce in 1940's of Canon Beck Road, Rotherhithe London. Call Marje Pearce 01435 866  Ken from Preston in Kos Jpne'96. M9 only regret is that I lost youp address Contact me through Derk/Babs. ——————————————————————————————————————— Service Pals Scrooge Fit TV Plus
P675 Teletext 675 Oct11 21:45:22 LOST TOUCH  ——————————————————————————————————4/32— Walter Chapman father of Barbara who was born 28.1.38. Also Charly Alford uncle. Both heard of in Longeaton. Where are you both? Call 01773 769258. Seeking Eddie Jones who worked as van boy for inch Carriers and Removal at Herne Bay in the 195 P call Philip Lee 0181 951 1741. Sister seeking relatives of Joseph Austin and Albert Pearson. Moved from Sacriston Co Durh!m to Bradford, in 1930's. Sister's name Annie Elizabeth Fearon. Ring N Hall 0191 271 1439. Seeking descendants of the Wood family of Dulwich. Charles and Emily Children Emily William Amy Mabel Kat—.. Write to 34 Barncroft Heights, L—eds. ——————————————————————————————————————— Service Pals Scrooge Fit TV Plus
P675 Teletext 675 Oct11 21:39:02 LOST TO@CH  ——————————————————————————————————24/32 Kingsmill. Seeking descendants of Rebecca Elizabeth and Mary Ann. Info to V Robinson, 38 Clare Drive, Greenhill Herne B!y Kent. CT6 7QU. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Steve McMahon last working at Som—rwest World Minehead? I met him when I li6ed in Sutton Coldfield. Lynn 0121 358 7840 Seeking Ron Bird married to Emmy used to live Timothy Rd. R—m—mber Doll, Charlie and Joyce? Ring 0181 590 1593. Pauline and David Dax. Lost address when moved from Pamber Heath to ales. Love you to be at silver wedding 26/10 Sue and Robert 01962 713957. —————————————————————————————————————— Service Pals Scrooge Fit TV Plus
P675 Teletext 675 Oct11 21:39:40 LOST TOUCH  ——————————————————————————————————20/32 Seeking Agnes Harris. Born Birmingham Went to Canada adopted name Cool. Phone Don Harris 01384 292258. Seeking friend from early 40's Edna Attewell. Last known address 1 Kenwyn Drive Neasden. Both worked at Vinten's Phone Ron 01793 531732 (e6e3) Seeking descendants of Harry and Annie Wilson of Custom House and Tom and Margaret Knight of Aanning Tosn. Contact Marie Davis 01234 838468. Looking for Lilla Brown. B—st fri—nd late sixties/early seventies. Lost touch 1973. Husband Ron and son Chris. Phone Mary 0171 511 7887. —————————————————————————————————————— Service Pals Scrooge Fit TV Plus
P675 Teletext 675 Oct11 21:40:00 LOST TOjCH  ——————————————————————————————————26/32 Woul— John Charles Wyeth please make a reverse charge call to Patricia M Ward nee Andrews 01464 861276. Does anyone from the h—aring impairment unit Alma Park School, Levenshulme Manchester 1964-68. Know the whereabouts of Stephen Bridge. I have news for him. Write to Da6id Flood, 28 Collin Ave, Ggrton, M na 3t—p Seeking my long lost cousin Alma Church nee Deakin. Last known address Cheltenham Rd, Peckham R8e. Ring Jo3e 01926 882827. Wh—re are Bill and Vera Golding? Moved to Ess—x from Liverpool Road. Phone Doris 01256 415206. —————————————————————————————————————— Service Pals Scrooge Fit TV Plus
P675 Teletext 675 Oct11 21:40 40 LOST TOUCH  ——————————————————————————————————27/32 Seeking Hazel Chaddock (MN) Lasp known address Tippine St Altrincham. Was formerley married to Chris Adams Please phone godson 0161 724 5935. Seeking Gwen Ashby. Li6ed 09 Rupland Rd, Bedford 1950's. Lilian of 21 Rutland Rd would like to renew friendship. Call 01255 221735 (eves) Where is Chris Richardson. Lost touch 3 years ago after meeting in Wakefield. Last known address 99 Normanton Rd, akefeild. Darren 01924 298447. Robert and Barbara Carroll originally lived Midland Rd, Cotteridge B'ham. Mother's name Mary Irene Carroll. Call John and Sheila 01905 733808/778611. —————————————————————————————————————— Service Pals Scrooge Fit TV Plus
P675 Teletext 675 Oct11 21:01:02 LOST TO@CH  ——————————————————————————————————9/32— Seeking Robert Madeley and sister Pamela born 1930s. Children of Dick and Gladys. Last known address Monmouth Dve Sutton Coldfield. Dick worked for Midland Bank. Sue Davey 01889 564684 Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Mr T L Medhurst from London. Attended St Augustines church, Honor Oak. Sister Dolly. Call Gill 01304 209337. Looking for R Cox. Last known address 10 Cherry Grove Mansfield in 1956. Served Grenadier Guards. Any info on his whereabouts. Tel 01892 654522. ——————————————————————————————————————— Service Pals Scrooge Fit TV Plus