P445 Teletext 445 Oct11 21:00:04  THIS   WEEK'S   NEW MOVIES  —————————————————————————————  LONE STAR (15)    The pitch: Good cop Sam Deeds finds a body, and the clues lead to his dead dad Buddy being the culprit.  Action? Naah, it's as relaxed as their Texan drawls.  Lasting impression: Hot newcomer Matthew McConaughey squaring up against craggy crooner Kris Kristofferson.  Box office hit?: Should be, the Tex-Mex setting makes for tasty viewing ——————————————————————————————————1/8—— 4 popcorns - bargain bucket value!! !WATCH THE POPCORN FOR THE SCORE! Angst Mates Eco-scene 'Tiser
P445 Teletext 445 Oct11 21:50:12  THIS   +EEK'S   NEW MOVIES  —————————————————————————————  p—— JACK (PG)    The pitch: Robin Williams is a 10- year-old growing at four times the rate he should due to a mystery illness.  This is a comedy?! Where Big went for fantasy and fun, Jack tries to be funny AND meaningful. It doesn't work. Redeeming feature; Bill Cosby pops up on the big screen as a crotchety tutor.  Box office hit?: Not even hairy funny man Williams can save this turkey. ——————————————————————————————————2/8—— 2 popcorns - only if someone's paying !WATCH THE POPCORNS FOR THE SCORE! Angst Mates Eco-scene 'Tiser
P445 Teletext 445 Oct11 21:10:01  MY   FAVE   FILM  —————————————————————————————  ————— BARRY NORMAN OF FILM '96  "I'm often asked this question and it's very difficult to answer. I can't really pick out one film but my favourite genre of film is the +estern. "As a kid I would always go to watch Saturday afternoon films, and they were nearly always Westerns. "If we're talking about well-made Westerns then Shane is a good film, as is High Noon, and more recently Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven." ——————————————————————————————————3/8—— Get into Eco-Scene 448 GOT A PEN? GET A PEN PAL! p447 Angst Mates Eco-scene 'Tiser
P445 Teletext 445 Oct11 21:50:04  HOLLYWOOD   GOSS    —————————————————————————————  ————— HOLLYWOOD HEARSAY  Small but perfectly formed Winona Ryder is currently building up her pecs the Peter Andre way for her new film Alien: Resurrection. She is training six hours a day for the space-age role. REM's Michael Stipe has ventured into film production. He is financing Drew Barrymore's controversial new movie. Home Improvement star Tim Allen is currently raking in millions in the jS with his DIY home tools range. ——————————————————————————————————4/8—— Get Matey 447 MN8 ARE COMING!! p442 Angst Mates Eco-scene 'Tiser
P445 Teletext 445 Oct11 21:51:03  FLICKS   FEATURE    —————————————————————————————  ————— KIDS AT HEART!  Who wants to grow up? No-one judging by the success of fantasy films Big, Vice Versa and the newly released Jack where adults miraculously turn into kids! Sure we all know it's fantasy, but is it? According to script writer, Adrian Thurston-Gordan, regressive films simply reflect reality. "Who wants to be an aged adult? Most grown-ups are kids at heart and such films enforce that." ——————————————————————————————————5/8—— All the Goss 443 NICK FISHER CAN HELP YOU p446 Angst Mates Eco-scene 'Tiser
P445 Teletext 445 Oct11 21:51:10  FLICKS   FEATURE    —————————————————————————————  ————— KIDS AT HEART!  Regressive fantasy films, "where an adult regresses into a child, provide a form of escapism", says script writer, Adrian Thurston-Gordan. "For grown-ups, stresses of everyday life are alleviated, and in their heads they can view themselves as children. "As for kids, it enforces their idea that they are equal to adults, hence such films are box-office hits, everyone can relate to them." ——————————————————————————————————6/8—— Get into Eco-Scene 448 GOT A PEN? GET A PEN PAL! p447 Angst Mates Eco-scene 'Tiser
P445 Teletext 445 Oct11 21:51:04  FLICKS   FEATURE    —————————————————————————————  ————— KIDS AT HEART!  Films like Jack and Big pander to what people want to be, says script writer Adrian Thurston-Gordan. "I think they pander more to adults - it gives them a licence to enforce their inner, somewhat silent, dre!ms of being kids at heart. "We all want to be young forever, while many people might hide behind suits and stiff collars, in their heart of hearts they want to be children again!" ——————————————————————————————————7/8—— Get into Grooves 620 HAVE YOU TRIED DIGITISING? p470 Angst Mates Eco-scene 'Tiser
P445 Teletext 445 Oct11 21:50:00  FLICKS   CHARTS    —————————————————————————————  ————— TOP TEN UK FILMS THIS WEEK  1. Last Man Standing 2. Independence Day 3. Striptease 4. Emma 5. A Time To Kill 6. Multiplicity 7. Phenomenon 8. James And The Giant Peach 9. Jane Eyre 10. Escape From LA ——————————————————————————————————8/8—— Groovy reviews 624 OH DONNA p441 Angst Mates Eco-scene 'Tiser