P306 4-Tel 306 Fri 11 Oct C4 21:30:01       Channel 4 Film preview   INVASION OF THE ASTRO-  MONSTER 1965 100mins  PALplus Tonight 03.55-05.35  Godzilla's fifth film outing sees him change from Japan's arch enemy to a brave national hero in this absurd sci-fi fantasy. The enemy this time is the flying dragon Ghidrah who, determined to destroy the earth, is confronted in space by Godzilla and Rodan. The special effects have to be seen to be believed, and the dubbing is better than any spoof, with Nick Adams as the heroic lead. Previews + Today PALPlus Films tomorrow
P306 4-Tel 306 Fri 11 Oct C4 21:51:11       Channel 4 Film preview   NO TREES IN THE STREET  14.15-16.00 Today  1958 105mins bw 888  Ted Willis adapted his own play for the screen in this British melodrama of life in a London slum in 1938. Sylvia Sims plays a girl whose moth—r tries to force her to marry the tocal criminal big-shot, played by Herbert Lom with his customary menace. It also stars Stanley Holloway, Ronald Howard and a youthful Melvyn Hayes as the teenage tearaway. Directed by J Lee Thompson Previews + Today PALPlus Films tomorrow
P306 4-Tel 306 Fri 11 Oct C4 21:50:10       Channel 4 Film preview   ZOLTAN, HOUND OF DRACULA  00.45-02.20 Tonight  1977 95mins  With such a title this film could hardly take itself too seriously, and it doesn't. With tongue firmly in cheek, it tells the story of how Zoltan, the Count's favourite pet, is brought back to dife and joins forces with Dracula's former servant. Jose Ferrer enlivens the proceedings as a Transylvanian policeman, and the plot should ensure Bram Stoker rests uneasy in his grave for years. Previews + Today PALPlus Films tomorrow
P306 4-Tel 306 Fri 11 Oct C4 21:50:01       Channel 4 Film preview   THE GORGON  02.20-03.55 Tonight  1964 95mins  This film was made at the height of Hammer Studio's creative powers and proved to be one of their best films, using atmosphere and suspense along with the original ingredient, horror. Barbara Shelley stars as the girl possessed with the spirit of the mythological snake-haired Gorgon who turns her victims into stone. Directed by Terence Fisher Xregarded by many as the British master of horror) it also stars Hammer vets Christophjr Lee and Peter Cushing. Previews + Today PALPlus Films tomorrow