P621 Teletext 621 Oct 4 21:51:00       ——————————————————————————  NEWS —— Creation Records, home of Oasis, Primal Scream & Super Furry Animals, has just signed Kevin Rowland. The Dexy's Midnight Runners frontman has signed a deal to produce two LPs within the next year. Label spokesman Andy Saunders says: "We are still in negotiation with Kevin, but it will all be firmed up in the next few months." Creation recently signed another 80s pop star, Nick Laid-Cowes, formerly of The Dream Academy. Nick releases an LP next year under the name of Trash Monk. ——————————————————————————————————1/4—— Van Halen reunion is called off >>> ALL THAT STUFF p441 FB Compy Tours Cinema
P621 Teletext 621 Oct 4 21:51:20       ——————————————————————————  NEWS David Lee Roth will not be permanently rejoining Van Halen as expected. Van Halen received a standing ovation at last month's MTV Awards after Roth reunited with his former bandmates. The band even recorded new tracks together. But Roth claims it was all a ruse to boost sales of the band's new album: "It sickens me that I was an unwilling participant in this publicity stunt." Former Extreme vocalist Gary Cherone is rumoured to be the band's new singer ——————————————————————————————————2/4—— Tupac Shakur shooting: man arrested >>> NATIONAL TOUR DATES p626 FB Compy Tours Cinema
P621 Teletext 621 Oct 4 21:30:00       ——————————————————————————  NEWS Police in California have arrested a man on suspicion of shooting the rapper Tupac Shakur, who died last month. 22-year old Orlando Anderson was one of many people taken into custody after police searched L.A's Compton district for suspected gang members. Alanis Morissette's LP Jagged Little Pill has tied with Whitney Houston's eponymous debut as the best-selling LP by a female artist ever in the USA. The album has sold 12 million copies in the States and nearly 18 million worldwide. ——————————————————————————————————3/4—— Kevin Rowland joins Creation Records >> NEW ALBUMS REVIEWED p624 FB Compy Tours Cinema
P621 Teletext 621 Oct 4 21:50:11 Advert 4/4>>             Win an autographed copy "WONDERWALL" on 7"vinyl. 0839 407033 or win an OASIS CD bundle plus CD player 0839 407034  Win TWO tickets to see BOYZONE live at Wembley on 9th December. 0839 407035 or win their CD's + player 0839 407036  Win a giant BAD TOUR poster signed by MICHAEL JACKSON. 0839 407037 or win his CD's plus CD player 0839 407038  Win the TAKE THAT Collection......... Postcards signed by the boys + a bunch of their CD's + CD Player 0839 407039 Max Cost £3 - Ask Permission to Call SIX questions & tiebreaker. Ends NOV 30 Rules: InfoMedia P.O.Box 28 NORTHAMPTON FB Compy Tours Cinema