P523 Teletext 523 Oct 4 21:50:17       ———————————————— NEWS ————————  PRINCIPAL CHECKS IN WITH FLOAT PLANS Principal Hotels has unveiled plans for a stock market flotation — the latest in a line of hotel companies to become public companies recently. Principal Hotels comprises 20 hotels in the upper three star and four star sector of the market. Industry analysts believe the group will command a valuation of £90m when it floats on the market. ——————————————————————————————————1/2—— Financial headlines 500 City index 501 Download and Analyse Share Prices on Your PC See Pages 532 & 533 Next Shares CityIndex FamilyFinance
P523 Teletext 523 Oct 4 21:50:11       ———————————————— NEWS ————————  PRINCIPAL SET FOR FLOTATION Principal Hotels said its plans for a listing on the London Stock Exchange represented an "important stage" in the group's development. Other hotel chains to come to the market recently include Cliveden and Millenium & Copthorne. Thistle Hotels is due to float on the stock market next week with its shares priced at 170p each. ——————————————————————————————————2/2—— Financial headlines 500 City index 501 POPULAR SHARES: LATEST PRICES p516 Next Shares CityIndex FamilyFinance