P321 4-Tel 321 Fri 4 Oct C4 21:51:00    Preview    GARDEN DOCTORS   20.00-20.30 If you want more from your garden than a lawn with a short back and sides framed in a square of begonia borders, this is the gardening series for you. Dan Pearson is the sort of garden designer who balks at the ordinary and is normally employed by the well-healed with a bob or two who can afford for someone else to sort out their gardjn. Here on Channel 4 he takes on an eclectic range of householders with a brief to cater to their whims... 1/2 Next page C4 Tomorrow BigBrekkie Films
P321 4-Tel 321 Fri 4 Oct C4 21:50:10    Preview    GARDEN DOCTORS   20.00-20.30 In the first programme of the new series, Dan and horticulturalist Steve 'Brad' Bradley overcome both salt and wind to provide both shelter and sea views on a Cornish harbourside. Judy and Ciaran moved to London to a different pace of life in the small fishing port of Newlyn. Their dream is to have a jurassic garden... Subtitles 888 NICAM stereo  2/2 Next page C4 Tomorrow BigBrekkie Films