P664 Teletext 664 Jun19 11:10:11       ——————  ———————————————————  DIET GUIDE Format: Acorn Archimedes Price: £53.99 Age: 11-18 Do your kids live on junk food? The Diet Guide suggests ways of getting a more balanced diet. Users select foods they eat in a day from a large database, and the Diet Guide professor comments on components such as energy, sugar, fat and fibre. Kids can suggest positive changes to their diet. ——————————————————————————————————1/4—— Hants. Microtech Centre: 01705 378266 CHECK THE SOFTWARE YOU ARE BUYING IS COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR COMPUTER NCET Further on Class '95 Finance
P664 Teletext 664 Jun19 11:00:00       ——————  ———————————————————  SWIMMING Format: Acorn/PC CD-ROM Price: £29.99 Age: Primary/Secondary You don't have to swim like a fish to get lots of useful things from Swimming. It's an interactive program aimed at reinforcing pool tuition. Topics covered include basics for beginners, the four major strokes, keep fit, life-saving and water safety. Includes video, animations, sound, quizzes and games. ——————————————————————————————————2/4—— CD Sports: 0151 691 0893 DOES YOUR COMPUTER HAVE ENOUGH MEMORY TO RUN YOUR CHOSEN SOFTWARE? NCET Further on Class '95 Finance
P664 Teletext 664 Jun19 11:10:10       ——————  ———————————————————  ECOUTEZ BIEN! Format: Dual Aple Mac + PC CD- OM Price: £57.75 (single) £89.30 (two Age: Secondary discs) These discs consist of interactive quizzes and exercises which help users practice their French listening skills. Ecoutez Bien! has various tasks which use sound, text and colourful graphics to test the user. Users can collect points and work towards a gold certificate. Includes a recording facility. ——————————————————————————————————3/4—— Europress: 01865 311366 DO YOU NEED ADDITIONAL HARD/SOFTWARE TO RUN THE CHOSEN PROGRAM? NCET Further on Class '95 Finance
P664 Teletext 664 Jun19 11:01:11       ——————  ———————————————————  RAINBOW RASCAL Format: PC Price: £19.98 Age: 3+ Watch your computer screen burst into colour when Rainbow Rascal is around. This paint program includes 50 patterns and various multi-coloured rainbows to colour in. The title is designed for various ages and stages of ability, and offers characters, objects and text boxes which can be added to the pictures. ——————————————————————————————————4/4—— AVP: 01291 625439 GOLDEN RULE: TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! NCET Further on Class '95 Finance