P651 Teletext 651 Jun19 11:00:13   New on the market  ———————  ——————— DOING BUSINESS ON THE MOVE Panasonic's latest GSM portable phone is now in the shops. The G300 costs around £150 and allows people to make and receive calls in over 20 countries by connecting to either Cellnet or Vodafone. The phone comes with a rapid charger and high capacity battery giving two hours of talk time from one charge. FOR MORE INFORMATION: 0500 40 40 41 ——————————————————————————————————1/4—— Computer tips and advice 653 BEAT BAMBER AT HIS OWN GAME p458 Internet Bunderman Digitiser Jobs
P651 Teletext 651 Jun19 11:10:01   New on the market  ———————  ——————— HELP WITH TYPING Budget software specialists Cosmi has launched Talking Typing Tutor. The £14.95 PC compatible software aims to help teach the user to type or improve exisitng typing skills. With built-in voice, the software will tell the user when to slow down to make sure there are no typing mistakes. FOR MORE INFORMATION: 01733 620 022 ——————————————————————————————————2/4—— Got a problem? Ask Bunderman 653 CHESS, CHESS AND MORE CHESS p478 Internet Bunderman Digitiser Jobs
P651 Teletext 651 Jun19 11:11:00   News...News...News  ———————  ——————— PERFECTOFFICE LINKS UP Integrated software package, PerfectOffice is to be bundled with all Byte DX 4100 PCs. The Byte PC is sold through the Byte retail chain and also via mail order. PerfectOffice incorporates word processor, database and spreadsheet. FOR MORE INFORMATION: 01344 724 000 ——————————————————————————————————3/4—— Computer tips and advice 653 EXPRESS YOUR PC VIEWS! p653 Internet Bunderman Digitiser Jobs
P651 Teletext 651 Jun19 11:10:10   News..News...News  ———————  ——————— NEC CUTS PRICE OF NOTEBOOKS With every other notebook supplier cutting its prices, NEC has followed suit and is offering savings up to 22% off its Versa range. Entry level Versa S/33D costs £1,150 plus VAT and features colour display, 4MB RAM and 250MB hard disk. FOR MORE INFORMATION: 0181 993 8111 ——————————————————————————————————4/4—— Software for schools 664 GET INTO SOME GROOVES p620 Internet Bunderman Digitiser Jobs