P537 Teletext 537 Jun19 11:01:00 1/5 SPECIAL MORTGAGE OFFER FROM COVENTRY BUILDING SOCIETY A £70,000 MORTGAGE FOR LESS THAN £28 A WEEK!  2.00% p.a. 2.0% APR (VARIABLE) p.a. 6.40% DISCOUNT UNTIL 1/6/96  £300 CASHBACK. NO ARRANGEMENT FEE. CALL DIRECT FREE QUOTE CODE: F3TXT.    LINES ARE OPEN Mon-Fri 8am-9pm Saturday 9am-6pm, Sunday 10am-6pm Contents Tourist Financial TV Plus
P537 Teletext 537 Jun19 11:01:00 SPECIAL MORTGAGE OFFER 2/5 FROM COVENTRY BUILDING SOCIETY Assumptions: A couple (male & female), both non-smokers aged 26, taking an endowment mortgage over 25 years (300 monthly repayments). Monthly mortgage payments are quoted net of 15% tax relief. Mortgage Advanced 1.7.95. Assumed that for the purpose of calculating the APR,that the discounted rate applies for the whole of the mortgage term, as it is not possible to predict what the applied rate will be at the end of the special term. Monthly Endowment Premium £93.40. The total amounts payable include a mortgage valuation fee of £110.00, a valuation administration fee of £50.00, legal fees of £177.43 and a £50.00 sealing fee, a deeds release fee of £35.00 and a telegraphic transfer fee of £25.00. >>> more Contents Tourist Financial TV Plus
P537 Teletext 537 Jun19 11:00:00 SPECIAL MORTGAGE OFFER 3/5 FROM COVENTRY BUILDING SOCIETY Standard basic mortgage rates are variable. Maximum loan to valuation 95%, Purchase Price £80,000, Endowment Mortgage £70,000, DMI (paid on completion) £861.00, 6.40% DISCOUNTED RATE "CHOICES" MORTGAGE, Monthly Saving £349.33, Current Applied Rate 2.00%, Cashback (paid on completion) £300.00, APR 2.0% (VARIABLE), Term 1.6.95, Monthly mortgage payment (until 1.6.96) £109.17, Total amount payable £105,147.43. Standard BASIC VARIABLE RATE MORTGAGE, Current Applied Rate 8.40%, APR 8.8% (VARIAB D(, Term variable, Monthly mortgage payment £458.50, Total amount payable £217,447.43. This mortgage is only available to new customers of Coventry Building Society and existing customers who are brxhng or moving home. >>> more Contents Tourist Financial TV Plus
P537 Teletext 537 Jun19 11:10:01 SPECIAL MORTGAGE OFFER 4/5 FROM COVENTRY BUILDING SOCIETY EARLY REDEMPTION PENALTIES 6.40% Discounted Rate Mortgage - 6 months' interest until 1.6.1997, then 4 months' interest until 1.6.1998, then 1 month's interest until 1.6.2000, then standard early redemption penalty. Early redemption penalty is waived if an existing borrower moves house and purchases their next mortgage with the Society. Security is required for any mortgage. Mortgages, which must be first charges, are only available to people aged 18 or over subject to status. Written quotations and details of application and arrangement fees are available on request. YOUR HOME IS AT RISK IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP REPAYMENTS ON A MORTGAGE OR OTHER LOAN SECURED ON IT. >>> more Contents Tourist Financial TV Plus
P537 Teletext 537 Jun19 11:10:00 SPECIAL MORTGAGE OFFER 5/5 FROM COVENTRY BUILDING SOCIETY IMPORTANT: It is the Society's present understanding that there are no income or capital gains tax consequences to the borrower, but should the Inland Revenue determine that the CASHBACK sum is taxable, then any liability will be that of the borrower. Coventry Building Society is an Appointed Representative of Commercial Union Marketing Group (which is regulated by the Personal Investment Authority) for Life Assurance and Pensions, Unit Trusts, UCITS and PEPs. Contents Tourist Financial TV Plus