P497 Teletext 497 Jun19 11:11:01         ————————————— PRIMARY ———————  ———— WRITE IT COMPY 7-11s Write us a masterpiece to fit this page - ie. about 70 words long. The topic to write on is: "WE HAD TO LAUGH..." £10 book token each week for the winner plus £20 token for your school. Entries with name, age and school) to: WRITE IT COMPY (Primary) PO Box 297, London SW6 1XT. WINNE2'S NAME HERE EACH SATURDAY ——————————————————————————————————1/2—— Glug's ghastly fokes are on 498 TURNE2'S WORMY ADVENTURES p496 Jokes Day Out Write It Pre-School
P497 Teletext 497 Jun19 11:00:01         ———————————— PRIMARY ——————  ———— We had to laugh... Harry, 11, Wolf Fields Primary School, Southall, Middx. Friday is our pet day at school. On this very Friday I brought my gerbil. I brought him in a cage. We had first break, I went to see if my gerbil was in his cage. During break my gerbil had escaped. After break I reported it. Three girls jumped onto their desks, even the teacher. The gerbil had climbed the teacher's skirt, she danced like mad. We had to laugh. ——————————————————————————————————2/2—— See if your picture's on TV 492 HAVE A GREAT KIDS DAY OUT p499 Jokes Day Out Write It Pre-School