P487 Teletext 487 Jun19 11:10:00          ——————————————————————  ——  ATTACK OF THE MUNCHIES    A Mars a day might help you work, rest and play, but these days, more people are taking a Kit Kat break. Kit Kats have taken over as Britain's favourite chocolate bar. Diet-conscious choco-holics consider the finger snack to be less fattening! Less fattening maybe, but it's not the most healthy nosh. Satisfying those food cravings with something nutritious will make you feel better long-term. ——————————————————————————————————1/3—— How to behave at Ascot! 482 SU2GERY TH2OUGH THE EYE OF A PIN 484 Love Stars Kids City news TV
P487 Teletext 487 Jun19 11:13:00          ——————————————————————  ——  ATTACK OF THE MUNCHIES    Snack attacks can strike at any time — day or night. Sometimes they're the genuine thing, with the body craving an energy boost. Other times they're more about boredom, something to break the routine. Eating the right snacks (fruit, rice crackers, yoghurt) is a great way to pump energy back into a tired body. The wrong snacks will make you feel worse. ——————————————————————————————————2/3—— How to be successful 483 FREE CD (just pay p&p) p353 - ITV Love Stars Kids City news TV
P487 Teletext 487 Jun19 11:00:00          ——————————————————————  ——  ATTACK OF THE MUNCHIES    When the munchies strike, many people think sugar. Did you know: Sugar can make you feel drowsy rather than perky because it increases Serotonin, a relaxation-inducing chemical in the brain Sugar on an empty stomach will digest and absorb rapidly, giving you a quick buzz, but that fades fast, leaving you as depressed as before. ——————————————————————————————————3/3—— Successful hair removal 441 CHECK OUT YOUR LOVE STARS! p488 Love Stars Kids City news TV