P474 Teletext 474 Jun19 11:11:40  ———————————     CAECILIUS ————————————————————LETTERS—— You are fool-pigs! Was it not late last year that I warned of the advent of Killer Instinct on the blessed SNES? I rather think it was. I demand a broadcast apology for being totally ignored by yourselves. If you do not comply I will refuse to squirt out any more sticky news on Young Mario Bros. Morse Toad, Blan "Sorry, but we never apologise" joke. ——————————————————————————————————1/4—— E-mail us: teletext@lbil.on-line.co.uk. Letters to: DIGITISER, PO BOX 297, LONDON SW6 1XT. Comp-o-Tips Charts News Club 440
P474 Teletext 474 Jun19 11:10:00  ———————————     GRUMIO ———————————————————————LETTERS—— You hack me off over the Jaguar. I bought one (against your implied advice), and am very happy for now. The CD-2OM's Virtual Light Machine looks superb, and the Jag will be the cheapest way of experiencing colour VR in the home. The games industry owes a lot to Atari. Cunning Murrell, Essex Atari choose to suck up desperately to Edge 30,000 readers) and ignore us (1,400,000 readers). We can't comment on games or hardware we aren't sent. ——————————————————————————————————2/4—— Send your views, questions and drivel. GO GET A GAMEBOY SEE PAGE 396 (ITV) Comp-o-Tips Charts News Club 440
P474 Teletext 474 Jun19 11:10:04  ———————————     CERBERUS —————————————————————LETTERS—— I write concerning New Digitiser: Here. Yeah, like that bloke on p470 is real cool, man. Perhips sic) you could move your menu a tad more...west! Patrick Grady, Inverness pppn$ f5j5f5n1 $  Why? Do you want to see his bottom or something, Grady?      ——————————————————————————————————————— Hot Topic - win a Future mag sub: WILL AN EARLY SATURN RELEASE 3/4 HELP SEGA DEFEAT THE PLAYSTATION? WIN BRUTAL, YOU TINY ROBOTS p475 Comp-o-Tips Charts News Club 440
P474 Teletext 470 Jun19 11:01:01       WEEKEND 17/18 NVNE  ——   ——  To confuse the  authorities, Igve disguised  myself as Jim Bergerac.     Ironically, my plan has    been so successful, I've  actually been put in    charge of the hunt.  Igve sent every officer in Britain to a circus, where I intend to brain-wash them all into believing they are seals. Igve already got one of them thinking he's a firework. ——————————————————————————————————4/4—— Cluss 440 440 Cluss reviews 472 BUYING A MEGADRIVE PAGE 396 (ITV) Comp-o-Tips Charts News Club 440