P449 Teletext 449 Jun19 11:10:10         ———————————— SECONDARY ——————  ———— WRITE IT COMPY 11-16s Write us a masterpiece to fit this page ie. about 70 words or so. The topic to write on is: MY BRILLIANT CAREER £10 book token each week for the winner and £20 book token for your school. Send essays with name, age and school) to: WRITE IT COMPY Secondary) PO Box 297, London SW6 1XT. WINNER'S NAME HERE EACH SATURDAY ——————————————————————————————————1/2—— And there's the 'Zine to write for 442 WHAT'S AT THE CINEMA? p610 Fun & Games Go Green Club 440 TV Plus
P449 Teletext 449 Jun19 11:10:00         ———————————— SECONDARY ——————  ———— MY BRILLIANT CAREER, Emma, 13, Stroud High School Staying at a luxurious hotel in a glorious setting near the beach, soaking up the sun.....and getting paid for it! What could be more perfect? That is what my life will be like when I become a travel show presenter! Of course there will be work involved but you can't call presenting tedious. English, drama and free holidays combined in one package. Pure bliss! ——————————————————————————————————2/2—— Find yourself a new mate 447 GET INTO THE GROOVE p620 Fun & Games Go Green Club 440 TV Plus