P445 Teletext 445 Jun19 11:10:01         ———————————————————————   THE LOSING BATTLE  Did you read of Hillary Clinton banging on about virginity in the papers? She's been telling American teens to hold on to their virginity until they turn 21! She says teenagers are too young for sex, the US has an obsession with sex and there's too much promiscuity. Sounds like Hillary's the one with the obsession! But she raises an interesting point - how do you know when you're ready for sex? ——————————————————————————————————1/3—— Eco-scene - bats! 448 MUSIC REVIEWS TO LIVE BY! p444 Angst Mates Eco Scene Digitiser
P445 Teletext 445 Jun19 11:10:02         ———————————————————————   THE LOSING BATTLE  Virginity. Losing it, keeping it or fust plain understanding it is often on our minds here at Club 440's Sex HQ. Agony aunts and sncles the world over have run out of different ways to say only have sex when YOU want to - regardless of what anyone else says. Don't be bullied. It's up to YOU. RED HOT TOP TIP Remember that sex for those of us under 16 is ILLEGAL. ——————————————————————————————————2/3—— The 'Zine - cool! 442 GRAB YOU2SELF A PEN PAL! p447 Angst Mates Eco Scene Digitiser
P445 Teletext 445 Jun19 11:10:00         ———————————————————————   THE LOSING BATTLE  Sex and contraception can be confusing when you first start thinking about them. But everyone has to...sometime. If you're as clued up as poss, it'll be hard for you to go wrong. So get this sex ed stuff sussed and you'll be sorted! Never be afraid to ask questions. Talk to someone impartial like Family Planning 0171 636 7866 or write to our agony uncle Nick Fisher for advice. ——————————————————————————————————3/3—— Uncle Nick can help 446 BLOND BOYS HAVE MORE FUN! p441 Angst Mates Eco Scene Digitiser