P443 Teletext 443 Jun19 11:11:01            —————————————————————————————   —— DAMON AND JUSTINE Speculation that Damon and Justine's relationship can't last in the crazy world or pop has always dogged the pair They seem too perfect for each other and they look TOO content! Justine says she's cool about Damo snogging other girls. She's TOO cool. Their bands are massive, so Jus and Damo are rich, good looking, famous and in love. Jealous? NOUS?!?! Never. ——————————————————————————————————3/3—— Angst 446 Eco-scene 448 BLOND BOYS HAVE MORE FUN! p441 Music Too young? Angst Fun&Games
P443 Teletext 443 Jun19 11:11:00            —————————————————————————————   —— DAMON AND JUSTINE Blur's Damo and Elastica's Justine have been going out for yonks. They started way before either of their bands had any success. But last week, the papers went berserk with photos of Damo out schmoozing with a "mystery blonde" while Justine was on tour in the US. Rumours of Damo's infidelity abound, the talk of pop's fabbest duo splitting is rife - but is that fust sour grapes? ——————————————————————————————————1/3—— Got a prob? Let Uncle Nick solve it 446 KIDS INDEX p490 Music Too young? Angst Fun&Games
P443 Teletext 443 Jun19 11:00:01            —————————————————————————————   —— DAMON AND JUSTINE Damo and Jus have been going out for four and a half years. They seem like the perfect pop twosome. They live together. Damo does all the hoovering, washing and tidying up! Justine looks more like a bloke than Damo does - he's the pretty one! She says she's not possessive and writes songs about sex. Damo says sex is bnot a big issue for meb. ——————————————————————————————————2/3—— The 'Zine - cool! 442 GRAB YOU2SELF A PEN PAL! p447 Music Too young? Angst Fun&Games