P317 4-Tel 317 Mon 19 Jun C4 11:10:04    Preview    EU2OPE EXPRESS   Late tonight, 01.50-02.40 Hot on the heels of the recently departed Africa Express comes a new series of its parent programme. The programme has been extended to 45 minutes, with four reports in each edition, ranging as widely in subject matter and approach as ever. Express old timers Mieke van der Wey, Stefan Rybar and Klaus Schwagrzinna have been joined by two newcomers - Spaniard Marian Hens and German Corinna Sturmer. 1/4
P317 4-Tel 317 Mon 19 Jun C4 11:10:11    Preview    EUROPE EXPRESS   Late tonight, 01.50-02.40 Rome's army of stray cats have until now been protected by law and cared for by catlovers. But an outbreak of feline AIDS has led to demands for drastic action, as Corinna Sturmer reports. And from Serbia, Stefan Rybar examines the efforts of Slobodan Milosevic's government to change his country's warlike image - with the help of top advertising agency Saatchi and Saatchi. But can replacing nationalistic 'turbo- folk' music with a diet of art shows and film festivals really do anything? NICAM stereo 4/4
P317 4-Tel 317 Mon 19 Jun C4 11:11:00    Preview    EUROPE EXPRESS   Late tonight, 01.50-02.40 Klaus Schwagrzinna reports from Belgium on the murder of government vet Karel Van Noppen, who dared to take on the country's 'Hormone Mafia' - peddlars of illegal substances for fattening cows. Since Van Noppen's death in February this year, the penalties for using the illegal hormones have been dramatically increased. But Klaus discovers that official vets are still going about their work in a climate of fear. 2/4
P317 4-Tel 317 Mon 19 Jun C4 11:00:10    Preview    EUROPE EXPRESS   Late tonight, 01.50-02.40 A spate of pregnancies - nine in all - is causing chaos at the Swedish Royal Ballet, as Mieke van der Way finds out. The company's problems coincide with an intense debate in Sweden over major cutbacks in maternity benefits and childcare provisions as the government tries to tackle a budget deficit. In Rome, meanwhile, the problem is stray cats - the city has several hundred thousand - and a clash between catlovers and health experts. 3/4