P314 4-Tel 314 Mon 19 Jun C4 11:11:11    Preview    THE NICK   Tonight, 21.00-22.00 The day at Gipton kicks off at 8am with a briefing signed off with a 'watch your backs' warning. Today, a woman arrives at her newly- purchased house to find a young boy spraying her kitchen with red paint. PC Foster and WPC Mullen catch up with the eleven-year-old suspect who loudly proclaims his innocence and then cries at the police station when read his rights. 4-Tel Information Index 310 2/3
P314 4-Tel 314 Mon 19 Jun C4 11:00:00    Preview    THE NICK   Tonight, 21.00-22.00 It's not Hill Street Blues, it's not NYPD Blue, it's a slice of police life in Leeds, centred on Gipton Police Station, one of Britain's busiest. Award-winning director Paul Berriff's three-part documentary builds up a picture of the experiences of a group of regular characters during five months of filming. First shown in October last year, this is the real-life story of The Nick, following Gipton's Inspectors, PCs and WPCs as they pursue the local villains. 1/3
P314 4-Tel 314 Mon 19 Jun C4 11:00:01    Preview    THE NICK   Tonight, 21.00-22.00 Superintendent Adrian Ward has the pleasure of welcoming a new probationer onto the patch. He enthuses about the 'salt of the earth' locals but warns of the area's social problems. Elsewhere, an employee is giving testimony on how two men in balaclavas with sawn off double-barrelled shotguns got away with £40,000. Film maker Paul Berriff also made C4's Animal Squad Undercover and Cutting Edge: Paths of Conflict. Subtitles 888 NICAM stereo 3/3