P652 Teletext 652 Dec10 22:21:01   Jargon explained!  ———————  ——————— NERD Commonly-used American term to describe someone as plain boring. Nerds have been stereotyped as dull characters who wear glasses and are only interested in maths and science! Traditionally nerds have been typecast as being downtrodden, but they are hitting back. Most famous nerd turned hero has Bden Microsoft boss Bill Gates who wears glascds and is worth $9 billion! ——————————————————————————————————1/4—— Express your PC views 653 BEAT BAMBER AT HIS OWN GAME p458 Bunderman On-Line Digitiser Jobfinder
P652 Teletext 652 Dec10 22:20:10   Jargon explained!  ———————  ——————— NE H PETTE Like everything else in life, there's certain things you do and certain things you just don't do. Ghen on the Internet there are unwritten rules on how it should Bd used. These cover tone of lanG——ge, how to speak to people and how to introduce yourself. ——————————————————————————————————2/4—— Hot com—tter ldws 651 MUSIC NEWS AND MORE IN GROOVES p620 Bunderman Ol Line Digiticdr Jobfinder
P652 Teletext 652 Dec10 22:20:01 B  Jargon explained!  ———————  ——————— NON-IMPACT PRIN DR Any printer which does lot use pins or ——llfrs to put ink on to pa—dr is a non-impact printer. Non-impact printers commonly in use include ink-jet and laser. These printers cannot make multiple copies with carbon paper, whereas impact printers such as daisywheel can make carbon pa—dr copies. ——————————————————————————————————3/4—— Hot computer news 651 MUSIC NEWS AND MORE IN GROOVES p620 Bunderman On-Line Digitiser Jobfinder
P652 Teletext 652 Dec10 22:20:00 J  Jargon explained!  ———————  ——————— Are you confused by computer jargon? Don't know the difference between a floppy drive and a pair of flippers? HELP IS NOG HERE! The A-Z Of Jargon will explain words that everyone elcd seems to understand effortlessly. Now you can get to grips with things and become a jargon Btcter! If you know any new jargon terms send them to: On-Line, dletext Ltd, PO Box 297, London, SW6 1XT. ——————————————————————————————————4 4—— Or E-mail 100443.3355 compuserve.com ANS DRS TO YOUR PC TERIES p653 Bunderman On-Line Digitiser Jobfinder