P485 Teletext 485 Dec10 22:22:18      ——————————————————————————  EARS A PROBLEM   My cat keeps rubbing    his ears — they are really dirty with dark stuff in them. Igve cleaned them but the stuff comes back. ghat can I do? Fiona, Oxford Tania replies It sounds like your cat has ear mites\ Go to the vet, who will be able to tell you what's wrong and prescribe appropriate treatment. ——————————————————————————————————1/7—— Advice on careers 634 WHAT'S ON IN THE GREEN WORLD? p464 Food and Dri Angling Gardenin Men's tal
P485 Teletext 485 Dec10 22:20:04    FIGHTING   COCK  —————————————————————————————  Dear Tania  Igve had my male cockatiel  for two years and he has  suddenly become aggressive  and flies to attack us. He has free run of the house and is well treated. I can't understand the sudden change. Ann, Wigan Tania replies Consult your vet as your lettAr indicates he is otherwise healthy and well looked after. The vet may be able to pick up some illness that is not obvious, or suggest a good way of deterring this behaviour. ——————————————————————————————————2 7—— Find out where the fish are 487 YOUR NEG TELE DXT TV MAG! p110 (ITV) Food and Dri Angling Gar—dnin Men's tal
P485 Teletext 485 Dec10 22:20:01   IT'S A   DOG'S LOO  ————————————————————————————  Dear Tania  I have a four month old   puppy who will not go to the toilet outside no matter how long I leave her out. Can you help me?  Tania replies Make sure you feed your puppy at regular times. If you put her outside just after yougve fed her it is likely she will go to the toilet then. Try to really praise her if she pees outside, eg on a walk. Don't leave her out for too long. ——————————————————————————————————3/7—— Countdown to Christmas 484 TIPS FOR TELEWORKERS p650 Food and Dri Angling Gardenin Men's tal
P485 Teletext 485 Dec10 22:21:04           ——————————————————————————  —————— IS YOUR PET PLAYING UP?   —————————————————————————————————————— Grite Tania Michell to PO BOX 297 Teletext Ltd or fax London SW6 1XT 071 386 7808 TANIA MICHELL works for the BlaD Cross, an animal welfare organisation. She hAs experience in dealing with —dt problems Tania is sorry that she cannot enter into any personal correspondence. All replies will ap—dar on screen only. ——————————————————————————————————4/7—— Features index 401 Digitiser 470 NICK FISHER'S MEN'S TALK p489 Food and Dri Angling Gardenin Men's tal
P485 Teletext 485 Dec10 22:21:32   MOUTH ROT   —————————————————————— \  Dear Tania My lizard seems to have a funlp patch on his mouth, what could this be? George, Basildon. Tania replies It sounds as though your lizard could have mouth rot. Take it to tif vet for treatment. Mouth rot can be easily treated with antibiotics. In general it's a good idea to give reptiles vitamins when they are recovering from thic. ——————————————————————————————————5/7—— Motoring? 482 Gardening? 488 FIGHTING AIRCRAFT NOISE p462 Food and Dri Angling Gardenin Men's tal
P485 Teletext 485 Dec10 22:21:47    CUTTLEFISH   BONES  ————————————————————————————  Dear TalHa  Why do birds need cuttlefish bones in their cages? Sally, Edmonton Tania replies Cuttlefish bone contains lime, which is a very important mineral for budgies. ghen they nibble the bone it also helps keep their beaks at the required length. Grit is also good for them as it aids their digestion. ——————————————————————————————————6/7—— Xmas stuffing 486 A CHAT WITH SHANE RICHIE p481 Food and Dri Angling Gardenin Men's tal
P485 Teletext 485 Dec10 22:22:03   THIRSTY CAT   ————————————————————————————  Dear Tania  My cat seems to be drinking  a lot more than normal. She  also seems to have rather clflly breath. It this becaucf she's getting old? Jo, Beckenham Tania replies It sounds as though your cat may hafD a kidney problem. Takf her along to the vet for a check sp and some treatment. Don't just leave it as it could be serious. ——————————————————————————————————7/7—— I fancy my boss 489 SKIING IN AUSTRIA p293 Food and Dri Angling Gardenin Men's tal