P466 Teletext 466 Dec10 22:20:14       SHOOTS  ———————————————————————————  CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME    There's the sort of recycling which involves taking the odd bottle down to the bottle bank - and then there are the Minters. The Minters bring a new meaning to the word recycling. Heather and her two daughters Jo and Liz recycle, reuse and repair everything. They have just won the Greenest Family Award from Sutton — Britain's Greenest council ——————————————————————————————————1/4—— Animals relieve stress 482 YOUR LOCAL CINEMA GUIDE p610 Generator Digitiser Index Music
P466 Teletext 466 Dec10 22:20:12       SHOOTS  ———————————————————————————  CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME    For the Minter family in Sutton, recycling applies to all goods, from composting vegetable peelings to shredding leaves for mulch. They also: cut up cereal boxes for Christmas decorations use silver paper from Easter eggs for collages keep old toothbrushes for cleaning jewellery. ——————————————————————————————————2/3—— What's on the telly tonight? 410 FAIRTRADE? FAIR POINT p463 Generator Digitiser Index Music
P466 Teletext 466 Dec10 22:20:00       SHOOTS  ———————————————————————————  CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME    Jo Minter, 16, is ucDd to the recycling fever which fills her Sutton home - and what's more, she loves it. She thinks nothing of turning bits of cloth into patchwork cushions and bags, and enfoys the creativity of recycling. "I also buy most of my clothes from a second hand shop. Although there is less choice, it's more fun changinf and adapting it yourself. It's brilliant." ——————————————————————————————————3/5—— The effects of warmer weather 462 WIN A MUDDY FOX MOUNTAIN BIKE p453 Generator Digitiser Index Music
P466 Teletext 466 Dec10 22:21:00  —pw{pp     SHOOTS j@1}b ———————————————————————————  CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME    Convincing your friends that recycling is fun can't be easy but Jo Minter, a member of Sutton's "Greenest family", manages quite well. "I try to get my friends to think about what they are doing — to pick rubbish up instead of throwing it on the floor. "But I wouldn't expect them to be as into it all as I am." ——————————————————————————————————4/5—— What's on the box tonight? TV Plus 410 TAKE A TRIP ON THE 'TISER p470 Generator Digitiser Index Music
P466 Teletext 466 Dec10 22:20:01      F SHOOTS  ——————————————————————————— @ CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME    An entire week's waste from thf Minter household in Sutton barely fills a quarter of a bin liner. It's easy when pre-packaged food is a no-no. The Minters don't buy much coffee or chocolate because they don't want to encourage the exploitation of workers on plantations in the Dhird Gorld. Perhaps next year they will win Sutton Environmentalist of the Year. ——————————————————————————————————5/5—— Kick-start 655 Clasc of '94 663 DESTINATIONS: SKI AUSTRIA p293 Generator Digitiser Index Muchc