P345 4-Tel 345 Sat 10 Dec C4 22:22:12         2/3 Channel 4 Science Club membership entitles you to four newsletters per year, guiding members to all those programmes on Channel 4 which reveal evidence and ideas on the latest developments in science. They give news about regional activities in which members can explore scientific ideas including anything from quantum mechanics to whisky. Members are also entitled to discounts on Channel 4 booklets which support selected programmes. More details... Try out the Science Line.........346 Science Films Subtitles Back-up
P345 4-Tel 345 Sat 10 Dec C4 22:20:48         1/3 Channel 4 is renowned for its unpredictable, thought-provoking prograllds. Its range of science programmes fascinate those with a lifelong interest in science, as well as those whose interest is new or reawakened. In order that the impact of Channel 4's programmes does not stop at the screen, the Channel offers Science Club membership so that viewers can use the programmes as a basis for develo—hng their own ideas on each subject. 4-Tel's index to Channel 4 on 300 Science Films Subtitles Back-up
P345 4-Tel 345 Sat 10 Dec C4 22:20:25         3/3 The Channel 4 Science Club costs £12 to join. For an application form please write to: Channel 4 Science Club PO Box 4000 Cardiff CF5 2XT Science Line details............ 346 4-Tel's index to Channel 4...... 300 3/3 Science Films Subtitles Back-up