P696 ORACLE 696 Sat25 Apr C4 2100:10  FOR 1/2  EASTER  SATURDAY from 1 Peter 1 vv 6 & 7... As Christ's suffering embraces ours so too his risen life can ensure ours: "This is cause for great joy, even though for a little while you may have to suffer trials of many kinds. Even gold passes through the ass—xer's fire, and much more precious than perishable gold is faith which stands the test. These trials come so that your faith may prove itself worthy of all praise, glory & honour when Jesus Christ is revealed." TEXT FROM THE REVISED ENGLISH BIBLE '89 BY PERMISSION OF ITS OUP/CUP PUBLISHERS i Main Index 400  User Guide A-Z Index Reviews Adverts
P696 ORACLE 696 Sat25 Apr C4 2101:01  FOR 2/2  EASTER  SATURDAY by Rabindranath Tagore As the tender twilight covers in its fold of dust-veil marks of hurt & wastage from the dusty day's prostrations, even so let my great sorrow for thy loss, beloved, spread one perfect golden-tinted silence of its sadness o'er my life. Let all its jagged fractures & distortions, all unmeaning scattered scraps & wrecks & random ruins merge in vastness of some evening stilled with thy remembrance, filled with endless harmony of pain & peace united. BRITISH CHURCHES T/TEXT: LONDON N20 9JU User Guide A-Z Index Reviews Adverts