P671 ORACLE 671 Sat25 Apr C4 2100:10   1/9                   COURSES           To advertise on this section  telephone 071 434 9126   Monday - Friday 9.30am-4.00pm  and ask for Diane Robertson     Link-Up Racing Miscellany User Guide
P671 ORACLE 671 Sat25 Apr C4 2100:00 TEACHING SPECIAL NEEDS (continued) 5/9 The work of the Special Needs Teacher is physically and emotionally demanding and to be successful, you msut have the maturity, and resilliance to act calmly under stress. Pupils may have a variety of disadvant- ages including physical disability, or behavioural problems. Despite these disadvantages, the young people themselves may be very able, and enthusiasm, patience, sympathy and persistance is required to encourage achievement. Some initial teacher training courses include special needs options. For entry to special training courses, you would need a Batchelor of Education Degree, or Post Graduate Certificate in Education following a degree. >>> Link-Up Racing Miscellany User Guide
P671 ORACLE 671 Sat25 Apr C4 2101:11 THE SPORTING LIFE (continued) 7/9 Some courses demand physical activity while others involve the study of it. It is important to match your interests & abilities with the course available. Otherwise you could find yourself having both mental and phyical strain and pain. The Institute of Leisure & Amenity Management will send a free leaflet on careers available by writing to them at Lower Basildon, Reading, Berks RG8 9NE. Another leaflet is available for the Institute of Baths & Recreation Management, Giffard House, 36-38 Sherrand Street, Melton Mowbray, Leics LE13 1XJ. NEXT WEEK Teaching - general, Technical Illustration & Television Technology. ADVERTISEMENTS FOLLOW >>> Link-Up Racing Miscellany User Guide
P671 ORACLE 671 Sat25 Apr C4 2101:10 1/2 ADVERTISEMENT 8/9 INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOLS Get the skills & qualifications you need for career success with an ICS Home Study Course. Learn in the comfort and privacy of your own home at the pace and times that suit you. OVER 60 COURSES AVAILABLE INCLUDING: GCE/GCSE: Book-keeping & Accountancy; Computer Programming; Typing; Hotel & Catering Management; Business Management; Electronics; Fitness & Nutrition; Child Day Care; Interior Design; Art; Gardening; Short Story Writing; Dressmaking;Commercial Art; languages;speedhand; TV. Video and Hi Fi Servicing; RHS Exams;Marketing. more follows >>> Link-Up Racing Miscellany User Guide
P671 ORACLE 671 Sat25 Apr C4 2100:01 2/2 ADVERTISEMENT 9/9 INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOLS *** COURSES CONT *** Travel Management,Birdwatching,Editing, Electrical Engineering,P.C.Specialist Car Mechanics,Police Entrance Exams, Commercial Art, Personnel Management FIND OUT HOW 'F CAN HELP YOU PHONE OR WRITE TODAY TEL: 041 221 7373 POST: ICS, DEPT RYS80, 312 HIGH ST, SUTTON, SURREY, SM1 1PR for more details on the course of your choice. Link-Up Racing Miscellany User Guide
P671 ORACLE 671 Sat25 Apr C4 2100:01 EDUCATIONAL COURSES 2/9 AN A-Z OF COURSES LEADING TO CAREERS Educational courses will be featuring lots of different jobs over the next few weeks, and giving you advice on finding training and qualifications to help you get in. Tips on getting started will also be screened. For more information on educational routes into jobs - visit your local Careers Office. THIS WEEK What to study with Science A/H grades, Special Needs Teaching Sports & Leisure >>> Link-Up Racing Miscellany User Guide
P671 ORACLE 671 Sat25 Apr C4 2101:10 YOU THE SCIENTIST 3/9 If you are studying Sciences at A/H, BTEC or SCOTVEC levels, you may be asking whether you should continue to study academic science in more depth (eg. Biology, Chemistry, Physics) or opt for a science or technology that is related to an applied technology (eg. Biotechnology, Polymer Technology, Engineering). Courses are widely available for both routes, and the right course will vary according to your plans.The majority of those thinking about higher education at sixth form and college level choose the academic subjects they know. To make a decision to take an applied technology course requires more investigation and a commitment to a particular career. You need to be well informed. >>> Link-Up Racing Miscellany User Guide
P671 ORACLE 671 Sat25 Apr C4 2103:00 YOU THE SCIENTIST (continued) 4/9 It is easier to enter a job in Polymer Technology with a combined science or Chemistry degree that it would be with an alternative applied science degree (eg metallurgy).However,it is suggested that those with applied science or technology degrees are better placed in the job market at the end of their degree. Consult the appropriate handbooks about courses and read as much information as you can about possible careers before completing your UCCA/PCAS forms. Lots of information about alternative scientific careers are available from your local careers office. TEACHING SPECIAL NEEDS YOUNG PEOPLE Young people who have special educational needs can be very challenging and rewarding. >>> Link-Up Racing Miscellany User Guide
P671 ORACLE 671 Sat25 Apr C4 2101:01 TEACHING SPECIAL NEEDS (continued) 6/9 These courses lead to the skills and knowledge required for the group you hope to teach. This might be for the blind, hearing or mentally impaired or those with defined severe or moderate learining difficul- ties. Once qualified, you could find employment in state education since many pupils have been integrated in recent years, or in special education centres. Get details on Teaching from your Careers Office and look at the NATFHE Handbook for detail of courses - again available at your Careers Office. THE SPORTING LIFE Sport & Leisure opportunities have grown in recent years as more leisure centres have opened and people have increased leisure time. >>> Link-Up Racing Miscellany User Guide