P464 ORACLE 464 Sat25 Apr C4 2101:01  4-Tel          Win The C4 Racing Companion 1992! We've got five copies of this invaluable guide to the Turf in 1992 to give away as prizes (£10.99 from Sidgwick and Jackson). Simply answer the following questions: 1. How many presenters are there in the C4 Racing team? a) 4 b) 6 c) 8 2. How long is a furlong? a) 150yds b) 220yds c) 275yds Answers on a postcard, with your n—lf and address, by May 4 to: Racing Companion Competition, 142 Lower Marsh, London SE1 7AE
P464 ORACLE 462 Sat25 Apr C4 2111:14 4-Tel          TRANS WORLD SPORT Sunday at 6.00am  There's also a round-up of news from the worlds of golf, tennis, soccer, ice hockey, baseball, Australian Rules and American Football. Plus the following special items: Feature West Indies v S Africa cricket Feature Soccer in Ghana (part 2) Feature Dungl Sports Injury Clinic, Austria Profile Yasuhiro Yamashita, Japanese Judokan  2/2 US Football Letters Off-Air Racing
P464 ORACLE 462 Sat25 Apr C4 2103:11 4-Tel          TRANS WORLD SPORT Sunday at 6.00am  Trans World Sport is on Saturday at 7.55am and Sunday at 6.00am and this week's programme general round-up of world events includes: Gymnastics World Championships Rugby Union Rule changes Basketball European Club Champ'ships, NBA Championship Race, USA Boxing IBF Super-Bantamweight Athletics Unity Games, Senegal Boston Marathon Motorcycling Malaysian 500cc Grand Prix Judo All Japan Women's Champ'p Surfing Beach Classic, Australia 