P449 ORACLE 449 Sat25 Apr C4 2100:11  4-Tel        "You can't leave your children in a bubble, even though you might like to," sighs Shannon's mother as she talks about her 12-year-old daughter who is verging on puberty. We follow Shannon and her American classmates as they embark on a school trip to Washington. For many of them it is their first time away from home. There is some fascinating footage of the youngsters at night time entering the forbidden domain of each other's rooms. Watch how they react awkwardly and are unsure how to relate to the opposite sex.  2/4 Next Feature Back-Up Sports A-Z Index
P449 ORACLE 449 Sat25 Apr C4 2101:01  4-Tel        The Baka believe that pointed teeth are beautiful. Baka boys of eleven have their teeth filed to symbolise their entrance into the world of men. In Brazil, we witness Simone teetering on the edge of adolescence. At thirteen she attends school and is a part-time teen mother to her siblings while her own mother works at night. But at Carnival time, Brazilian women become demi-goddesses and it's when many a young girl embraces womanhood. Simone's hair is braided, she gets dressed up - let the Carnival begin!  3/4 Next Feature Back-Up Sports A-Z Index
P449 ORACLE 449 Sat25 Apr C4 2101:05  4-Tel        In Moscow, Igor has met his first love. "He just sits there like a puppy dog next to Julia," says his mother, whilst his father puts his son's behaviour down to him being "an early bloomer". No child develops at the same rate, and there's no 'right' time for the onset of puberty. What is captured in this programme is that children worldwide have to cope with similarly traumatic milestones, even though the occasion may be teeth filing rather than dating. by Sarah Chadderton  4/4 Next Feature Back-Up Sports A-Z Index
P449 ORACLE 449 Sat25 Apr C4 2100:00  4-Tel        8.30pm TOMORROW Childhood - we've all been there, some of us more recently than others, but for everyone it is the first step along life's journey. This is the final programme in what has been an informative and well- researched series introducing Western viewers to the peculiarities in child development around the world. The House Of Tomorrow looks at the many emotional and physical transformations that characterise puberty and adolescence.  1/4 Next Feature Back-Up Sports A-Z Index