P424 ORACLE 424 Sat25 Apr C4 2100:10 2 4-Tel         11.30am, SUNDAY, APRIL 26 The classic dolphin drama from the '60s continues its re-run following the lives and adventures of a Florida family and the brainy brawny Flipper. In Lady and the Dolphin, a congress- woman comes to visit Coral Key Park to decide how government funds should be spent. Everyone tries to impress her - with varying degrees of success. C4 Top 20 plus comment on 412 INFORMATION ON COURSES Pg 671 (C4) Next Preview Features Sports A-Z Index
P424 ORACLE 422 Sat25 Apr C4 2111:51 2 4-Tel        10.00am, SUNDAY, APRIL 26 Dispatches reports on the threat posed by Bulgaria's decrepit nuclear industry The town of Kosludy has six Soviet- built nuclear reactors which are in a dangerous condition - the Atomic Energy Agency has recommended that four be closed down. Dispatches goes inside the nuclear plants in Kusludy to report on just how dangerous and dilapidated they are. 4-Tel's main index is now on 401 Scene on 4 is on page 440 Next Preview Features Sports A-Z Index