P523 ORACLE 523 Sat29 Jul C4 2201:11  1/2  CSO PROMISES TO  GET ITS SUMS RIGHT From next week the City can expect to see an improvement in the supply of Government statistics on the economy. The Central Statistical Office will open its doors as a new Government department on Monday and will be responsible to the Chancellor. Economists have their fingers crossed that the decision to put the compilation of economic data under one roof is the right one. In the past there has been criticism about the accuracy of some statistics such as the trade and GDP figures. >>>> FREE ORACLE CAR STICKERS! see p672 Next Story Units Your Money Diversions
P523 ORACLE 523 Sat29 Jul C4 2200:01  2/2  CSO PROMISES TO  GET ITS SUMS RIGHT The job of getting the Government's sums to add up correctly has been given to Jack Hibbert, the current CSO director. He says he is confident that the changes will bring a significant improvement in the quality of data. The shake-up came after a report highlighted concern over the quality of certain national accounts. The CSO claims the UK is much more open about its data than its European partners and our measures are much broader. >>>>> City headlines 500 Newsfile 520 Next Item Newsfile Units Your Money